The overarching theme of 2019 is following your divine mission - catching your dream so you can live it!

Doing so will require use of that most critical part of your toolkit - your imagination. Accessing it will accelerate your business and personal life.

It is what makes you unique and so your business. Most people think you must see something before you can believe it. Whereas the conscious entrepreneur learns how to believe in something before they can see it.

This is how they allow new directions to appear in their life and so innovative products and services they offer to serve others.

2019 started with a potent new moon solar eclipse in Capricorn. This week we had the first in a series of three super moons at zero degrees.

The Lunar Eclipse Will….

As the first month of the year, January helps us to wipe the slate clean and gives us the motivation and ambition for new beginnings. This January will be more than having the desire to start something new and thinking about taking action to bring our dreams into creation.

The flow of cosmic energy is encouraging us to not hesitate about taking a leap and implementing our plans. With a much needed push from the second of January´s eclipses and other movements following it.

This took place on 21st January. The images and comments showed how large was this super blood moon eclipse. Being in the sign of Leo also made its red hue of energy far more potent.

It was the third of five consecutive full moons at 00° – each asking us to write a new chapter of our mission. We are therefore at the mid-point of a five month journey.

There will not be another super blood moon eclipse until 2021. It is going to leave a lasting impression on all of us as it signals a profound rebirth and culmination of energy.

We are being asked, or pushed, to go fearlessly into the unknown to create a whole new way of being. This lunar eclipse in Leo will reveal something about your personal self-expression and why it is needed by others.

For the last 18 months or so, we have been working with the eclipse energies of Leo and Aquarius. This cycle began in February 2017 and January marks the end of the cycle.

Bringing endings and a culmination to the lessons our soul has been seeking us to accept. For clues as to the themes, reflect on events in your life around 2009-2011. Or, more recently those of February 2017 and/or January 2018.

Open the Window on Your Soul

The moon fully sitting in the Earth’s shadow opens a window and we are drawn into ourselves. Allowing the part of us we do not show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of our psyche to step forward.

The purpose - to surrender and let go of parts of our self that limit our full potential. It provides the opportunity to take action to release deep-seated wounds, move beyond old fears and to transcend negative patterns or traits within the shadow self.

It is quite simply, the moment to eclipse anything that maybe limiting you and so your business. Doing so will require you make a conscious choice. In a nutshell, you will need to trust yourself and your higher wisdom in taking your actions. For you will be stepping into the unknown!

The limiting beliefs could be from your childhood, other lives or karmic. They might have been created by vows, oaths, contracts, covenants, renunciations or simply an event itself. Increasingly clients are also discovering the importance of recovering soul parts caught in the repeating cycle of events of another life.

In my view this is the reason for their current incarnation – to use this period to free their soul so it has freedom and flexibility to live the life it desires.

To quote from a LinkedIn article ( about irrational change by Steven Handel: "When it comes to self improvement, one of the most powerful tools we have is our imagination, creativity, and the use of symbols and rituals. These tools often allow us to communicate with our minds in a way beyond logic and rationality, which can be extremely transformational if we use them correctly."

Many of the tools detailed are those shamans have been using since way before psychology began to be studied!

And…need more support to change your story, identify how to use your gifts, create in a more deliberate and empowered way and alter the patterns you may feel stuck in? I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. Email me at to explore possibilities.

Allowing You to Turn to Your Next Chapter

With the moon in Leo, we will be drawn to both recognise and have gratitude for our uniqueness. Releasing any and all beliefs inhibiting our creativity, soul´s mission, anything/anyone dimming the brightness and intensity of our original spark.

The purpose – to enable us to be visible as to who we are and focus on the purpose our soul desires. No matter the size of the stage we use to speak our truth.

To support you here is a link to a short YouTube video I made about Secret #5 "Why do I have trouble speaking up?” Secret #5 ( You will also find a link to a free download of the chapter itself from The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony.

A new era of awakening is dawning for each of us. The chapter on playing small in the world is closing as the next one waits to be opened.

This is not about ego seeking fame and fortune…or the spiritual ego seeking to be recognised as the most special and powerful of beings. Rather this is a deeper knowing that we are enough and love ourselves enough, to commit to the path of taking responsibility for our joyful self-expression.

Doing so regardless of what others think of us… only then can our world really change, and so our actions adjust the overall matrix.

There are two further sets of eclipses in 2019 (taking us into 2020), that involve the play of Cancer-Capricorn. Their theme is letting go of too much structure – i.e. control. Rather moving into a softer space of imagination, dreaming, intuition and nurturing – yes the Divine Feminine.

Ready to Open Your Next Chapter on Your Life?

The influence of Mercury and Uranus on this eclipse signals unexpected events and news likely to cause anxiety and uncertainty about future events. So maintaining an open mind and being calm and patient will be key to dealing with this erratic and unpredictable energy. Impulsive reactions, rapid mood swings and mis-communication could cause panic and chaos!

Take small steps and be adaptable. Or, as recent guidance said – “allow yourself to receive, be in the flow and events to unfold.”

The heart, aorta, blood circulation, blood pressure and heart rate ( will be more sensitive than usual during this period, so provide them with extra care.

Natural disasters, unnatural disasters and political upheaval are common occurrences around eclipses.

As our emotions become more intense, they can cause all our relationships to suffer or go through a period of deep contemplation and re-evaluation.

So tread extra carefully with yourself and those you love now, especially family members and mother figures. Other themes include releasing our creativity and leadership.

One of the reasons eclipses are so potent is they put us where we need to be and unlock the paths of our soul we have been afraid to walk down. This not sitting easily with the expectations set out in our plans and goals!

Resistance and fear are therefore to be expected. Hence the importance of trust and allowing your soul to guide you. In the years I have been helping people to connect with their inner wisdom, the biggest challenge they have is trusting their intuition - because it seems to be irrational!

Access Your Inner Realms….

Our next event on 16th and 17th February is Discovering the Inner Realms…a Journey into Shamanism. You will be introduced to the shamanic experience of ritual, creating sacred space, journeying, meeting your guides and power animals. There will also be the opportunity to connect to the energies of a medicine wheel, stone circle and a labyrinth as well as visit the Void.

These as well as drumming, rattling and chanting are part of the event, as is a Fire Ceremony. After leaving us, third parties commented on the difference in the energy and expressions of participants. A full list of events can be found on Shamanics in Portugal’s Facebook page as well as web site -

Since 7th January all planets have been direct, and will be until Mars goes retrograde in early March. Which creates the opportunity to direct your energies into the greater desires of your heart and soul – taking action is the message.

Whether to start your business, move jobs, start the study or practice you have long talked about - begin to move the idea, the insight into form. Create or revamp the website or services, have more fun, connect more with Nature, take action to initiate it.

The key guidance is to ensure it brings you Joy… and discover how magically it will lead you along the path of health, financial freedom and greatest happiness. Acknowledge your gifts and turn them into services you can offer to the world to enhance and expand it – being the purposepreneur!

Immediately around the full moon, other movements will create a sense of health, love and healing. Though Mars square Saturn, which will be exact at the time of the eclipse, may bring up some latent anger and frustrations about events or relationships calling for you to address.

Deepening Your Relationships

Offsetting this will be Venus, Jupiter and Mars acting together to create love, romance, creative flows, prosperity and passion

In a relationship, these will deepen it, stimulate it, make it more romantic. Not in one, then you may begin one around this period.

These will be supported by the new moon on 4th February. It is the best of any moon phase for over a year. Sun, Moon and Mercury, together with Jupiter bring good luck, good news, optimism, generosity and happiness.

As the new moon also sits at the midpoint of Saturn sextile Neptune, it will bring spiritual wisdom to help bring your dreams into form.

To You Taking Action


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