There’s not a single person that wouldn’t agree that family plays a crucial role in the development of a person. The family is supposedly the environment where one spends most of his time , and where he or she should feel most natural , without the need to build an image for oneself. However , even though there are many things that can be considered beneficial from living in a family, if a family has problems they tend to instill themselves into the individual, shaping certain fears or negative emotions or features in him. That’s why it’s good to tend to fix the problems in the family.

Treating those problems may seem like an obvious thing to do ,but it is often overlooked by the members of the family as unnecessary or sometimes , the current status is considered not treatable, which is a mistake. Even if the root of the problems cannot be directly addressed , the feelings or emotions that stem from it may be redirected to bring good to the family.

Today, it is a common practice to have family therapy sessions (or parterapi in Danish). Family therapy, explained in a nutshell, is a type of psychotherapy that involves sessions with more than one member of a certain family in order to attempt to fix the dysfunctional aspects of internal family communication.

Family therapy, if executed correctly, can vastly improve the way members interact and behave, and deal with real life issues. That can be done because the job of the family therapist is not to examine each individual, his past and his in-depth personality profile, but rather to take notice of how the different members of the family communicate and point out some tips and directions that will help them overcome their problems with one another. That’s just one of the things that separates family therapy practitioners from Freudian psychologists.

What are some of the most common reasons for people to decide to try the benefits of family therapy ? In most cases , it’s a matter of relationship problems, which have escalated beyond a certain point and which need to be remedied by someone outside the relationship , that can analyze its weaknesses , take note of its upsides and present them to the people which are in the relationship. Married and not married couples are known to be the most prominent customers of family therapists.

After that comes the problem with rebellious, disobedient and disrespectful children. Sometimes there is miscommunication between parents and children because parents are either too strict or not strict enough. This causes children to react in certain ways that are neither good , nor pleasurable for anyone. To treat this behavior, it’s necessary to first take notice of where the problem stems from. And that, too , can be done by a family therapist, qualified and experienced in his job.

A word of advice most people tell problematic families is not to be ashamed of going to therapy. Most families are, in fact, having lots of trouble with keeping it together, so it’s neither rare, nor unusual to look for help.

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