Is My Marriage Worth Fighting For: Is It Even Worth It To Try To Save A Bad Marriage

If you are tired of all the sermonizing those marriage counselors indulge in, in the name of advice you have come to the right place. If you have a marriage to save, you need practical, realistic, and workable tips, not just a list of do's and don'ts. I believe saving a marriage requires you to internalize the belief that you CAN SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE!

In fact, that's the best place to start - deep inside you. Once you have accepted this, the next step is to look at the issues that your partner most hates/dislikes in you or about you. Sure they knew that you had those habits when they married you, but over passage of time partners begin to take each other for granted and stop making the effort to NOT annoy their spouse.

If this has happened with you and your partner, both of you need to pay more attention to it. After all, if you could make these efforts during courtship then why not now? Why can't you bring out the same feelings like before and re-ignite the flame of love now? Visit the time when you fell in love with your wife/husband and married him/her. How did you act towards them then? Reliving and replay those memories now. Cap that toothpaste tube; hang dry that towel after your shower; cook her favorite meal; bring him a hot cup of coffee after he gets back from work; help her in doing the dishes after meals; plan a nice romantic vacation with her and surprise her on her birthday; buy him something he wanted for long. Friends, it's these small things that REALLY show you care for your man or woman!

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Dissecting your past years of marriage will only make you more confused and sad. Instead, develop a positive attitude towards it. Start now; start today. With hope, renewed vigor, and a positive attitude to book, you will never have another marriage to save. The success of a marriage is dependent on both the people who are a part of that relationship. The onus doesn't lie with any one partner.

Don't think, "Why should I do this?" Just go ahead and do the 'right' thing even if it means giving in. Listen attentively; if your partner says something...try to understand their reasons for being bitter or hurt or angry. Ask pertinent questions and clarify your stance, your actions. Try to aim for peaceful resolution to the problem at hand. Most importantly, always keep the lines of communication open. Don't ever let your partner feel, he/she has been shut out.

Since no two people think alike, there are bound to be difference. Talk over this indifference and soon you'll realize that the reason for the argument was trivial.

Finally, Learn to be quiet when difference arise and never let your grievances hover - just get over with them...MOVE ON...after all, you have a marriage to save.

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How to save a marriage that is falling apart? Did you know that there are things you can do that can significantly improve your marriage? Keep reading to find out what you can do and how you can save your marriage.

The first thing is to avoid criticism at all cost. The next thing to do is to allow yourself some space and the third thing you need to do is to remain calm and level headed. These sound pretty basic, but they are very effective and often not put to practice.

Constant criticism may just have become a habit in your marriage. If you are the one dishing it out, then put a stop to it. As hard as it may be at first, try to stop yourself from saying something you might regret. Take a deep breathe if you have to, and either say something nice or nothing at all.

If the criticism is directed towards you, tell your spouse calmly that he or she is hurting you and to please stop. If your spouse continues this behavior, remember you always have the option to turn around and walk away. Try not to add fuel to the flame. No one wins at this game.

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This brings us to another key factor, if you are in a lot of emotional pain or discomfort; it is OK to take a time out. In fact, a mini vacation will do you a lot of good. This is nothing permanent, maybe just a weekend away or even an evening out with a good friend of family member. It will give you that much needed space. Little breaks are good for your mental health.

When you take the time to care for yourself, you will be in a better state of mind to tackle the challenges you face in your marriage. This kind of clarity helps to keep things in perspective. You may even begin to see the charming side of your spouse again.

Subtle changes in behavior can have a big impact. This is how to save a marriage, by taking little steps towards doing things that help you feel good. As your feelings improve, the things around you will begin to improve as well. Or maybe you are just beginning to have a better attitude. Either way, the name of the game is finding relief in healthier ways.

As you avoid hurting your spouse or getting hurt by your spouse, taking little breaks from your marriage and keeping your head above water, your marriage will not only have a chance to survive, it can begin to thrive as well.

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An argument usually consists of two people getting frustrated with each other, letting their emotions get the better of them, raising their voices and saying things they perhaps don't mean. On the other hand, an adult discussion where the two parties express how they feel in a calm and rational manner can work wonders when it comes to clearing the air.

An argument between two married people can be really emotionally charged. This is the person you have chosen to share your life with, who you see every single day, who you lay next to in bed at night. When you are at odds with each other, it can sometimes feel like the end of the world.

The result? You get even more defensive, even more irrational, and even more frustrated. The longer an argument continues, the further away from resolution you will get, and by the end of it, you probably won't even want to speak to each other for a while, let alone anything else.

It's important to understand that it is human nature to argue from time to time, doing so on a regular basis is only going to harm the marriage. It might even go a long way towards ending it. Think about the last argument you had with your partner - did you raise your voice? Did you say something you didn't mean? Did you blow the whole thing out of proportion?

Ask yourself if you could have done things differently, and if doing so could have yielded a more positive result. Raising your voice is useless. Saying something you don't mean only makes you look bad. Blowing a situation out of proportion makes things seem a lot worse than they actually are.

Imagine you had instead sat down with your partner and spoken calmly. I'm sure the result would have been more positive. Yes, maybe they said something you didn't agree with, and it got your back up - this doesn't mean you should have reacted to it. It only takes one of you to act like an adult in order to calm a situation.

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Working Through Adversity: Ways to Save a Marriage

Although we know more about ourselves than our parents did, and we don't settle when we know there are solutions awaiting us, we still somehow make some of the same mistakes in life that our parents did. Despite societal pressures or being raised in a very religious home, as much as we know about ourselves, divorce is as high as it ever was. Maybe people are no longer staying in marriages when problems arise - as our parents and grandparents routinely did - it doesn't seem to prevent people from making mistakes. But here's a thought: rather than correct the mistake by getting a divorce, why not find ways to work on a marriage?

Some of the common reasons for considering divorce the ONLY viable option:

* My spouse cheated

* My in-laws hate me

* He wants to raise our kids a different religion than I am

My Spouse Cheated

It might surprise you to know that there are myriad ways to save a marriage following the discovery that a spouse has cheated. Cheating, while extremely disrespectful, is a sign that there is something wrong in the marriage such that the cheater felt cheating was the only way out. How to save a marriage in this instance requires going to couples' counseling and many couples report, "yeah, he cheated but we worked through it and counseling went a long way to saving my marriage."

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My In-Laws Hate Me

There's a reason many people refer to their in-laws as their outlaws. Some leave their sons and daughters alone and some, them despite growing up and having families of their own, feel they must meddle in their kids' lives. Ways to save a marriage when your spouse is having problems cutting the umbilical cord may include drastic measures like moving away. Regardless whether his or her parents are right in the things they say about how to raise your kids or how to spend your money or whatever, they need to butt out to give your marriage a shot. You will make mistakes but you'll figure it out.

My Spouse Wants to Raise Our Kids a Different Religion Than I Am

Religion is a big deal. You're a Methodist, She's Jewish. Ironically, this wasn't an issue when you got married and you had a fabulous fusion wedding honoring both religions. But now that you have kids, you've realized you want your kids your religion and she wants the kids raised her religion. This is not a deal breaker! If you really want to learn how to save a marriage in this circumstance, you can do a few things. If one of you doesn't care as much about religion as the other, you or your spouse could convert. Alternatively, you could examine the positives about each of your religions and you'll likely find that there are several similarities between them. There is no such thing as one is bad over another, despite what these wars going on allege. Another way to learn how to save a marriage despite the differences in religion is to raise your children both! If the differences are what made you fall in love, they both clearly offer some richness that is worth imparting to your kids equally. Kids are smart; let them make the ultimate decision as they get older.

If you really are committed to finding ways to save a marriage, working through these or any other issue is possible. And anyone who has successfully been able to declare, "My marriage is stronger because I made the effort and devoted the time to saving my marriage" can tell you, you always come out stronger than when you started.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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