When you acknowledge, accept and embrace the fact that your weaknesses are also your strengths, you can begin detaching yourself from illusion of “good” or “better” versus “bad” and “worse” in your life. The truth is, you are whole. Once you fully embrace this notion, you will consistently view your life in a more positive-and-yet-still-grounded light , you will experience these:

Top ten reasons for not buying into grass being greener on the other side

You will:
1. Become more easily satisfied and fulfilled
2. Experience more inner and outer peace
3. Feel more liberated
4. Take life less personally and seriously
5. Establish deeper and richer connections with others
6. Become more capable of loving and being loved
7. More effectively resolve your problems and issues
8. Become more emotionally aware
9. More easily find joy and happiness
10. Live life more fully

Are you now sold on the notion that there is no such thing as a “greener side”? After all, each side is equally green. And more accurately, there is no “other side”. Are you ready to lead a more vibrant life? Yes? Then check out the tips below, which show you how to blend the dualities of life into one, through practical advice.

4 tips to a more vibrant life

Tip 1: Be Logical and Emotional

Question: How could you begin using both your left/logical and right/emotional to make solid decisions?
Answer: Think rationally when feeling pressured. For instance, if you are an impulse buyer or do not think well under pressure, choose to sleep on a buying/other decision before following up on it. This is important as emotionality can bring on unnecessary chaos and distress. Also, although you cannot control other people, you can opt out of reacting to them or a given situation, by not becoming critical or emotionally discouraged, respectively.

Tip 2: Be Focused and Scattered

Question: When you need to stay on task, how could you de-personalize your interactions with people, and create a physical environment that supports this endeavour?
Answer: Reduce feelings of overwhelm by targeting what is over-stimulating you: e.g. too many interruptions, distractions, details and/or things to do.

Tip 3: Be Perfect and Imperfect

Question: How could you make the standards and goals you set for yourself and others (more) realistic and motivating?
Answer: Settle for less than "perfect". Perfectionism can: narrow one's focus and ability to notice important aspects of a situation; lead to procrastination, and result in missed deadlines and opportunities.

Tip 4: Be Rigid and Spontaneous

Question: As Dr. Phil sometimes puts it: "How much fun are you to live with?" How could you become more flexible with your plans and preparations, and when negotiating?
Answer: Avoid using an all-or-nothing/success versus failure approach to managing yourself. This will provide you the freedom to make better decisions, and be more creative, while being less self-critical.

Go ahead, dare to risk loving and sharing the whole you with others. The beauty of going “there” is that you will become progressively more aware of your gifts, together with whom you were meant to serve as you follow your true calling. Then, both you and humanity will benefit!

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