ISO 20000 addresses Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) systems and assists IT-based organizations in enhancing their service quality and securing processed client information or data. ISO 20000 certification ensures the implementation of a process assessment model that will evaluate the processing and transferring of data or information, and will improve business processes, making them more efficient and effective. Additionally, certification will increase nonconformance recognition and the proper corrective measures.

Basically, ISO 20000 helps IT organizations improve service quality, meet increased customer demands, and adequately respond to changing service delivery scenarios. Listed below are some benefits associated with ISO 20000 certification:

Faster Response Time

Implementing an effective ITSM system will bring a standardized and systematic approach to IT organizations, ensuring processes are efficient and improving response times by mitigating any interruptions in the process. Additionally, reducing response time will increase client and stakeholder satisfaction.

Global Certification

The largest benefit from complying with the ISO 20000 standard, ISO 9001 quality management standard, or any other ISO certification is that globally operating businesses do not need to implement country-specific certifications. ISO standards are internationally recognized, and will ensure multinational businesses are properly certified.

New Clients

Most civil institutions, such as government services, health, education, and military organizations, search for ISO 20000 certified IT services providers. Therefore, ISO 20000 certification helps to win new clients, especially from the public sector.

Improves Risk Management

Because of the nature of a fast-growing IT sector, risks increase with new technologies. ISO 20000 certification protects your organization from errors by identifying risks, quickly mitigating them and, promotes effective risk management in the organization. This will ensure business continuity, resilience, the achieving of business objectives and delivering stakeholder value.

Enhances Reputation

ISO 20000 certification will reassure that your IT organization has efficient processes in place to provide customer service. Additionally, certification will increase confidence in operations, encourage process reviews, and ensure high performance. The standard will guarantee saved time and enhance the reputation of your company.

Reduces Costs

The implementation of the ITSM will help your organization stand out in the competitive market and bring considerable cost savings. Having a proper ITSM will mean that costs will reduce as business processes standardize and outsource, allowing for faster and better products, and eventually an increased customer base.

Final Takeaway

ISO 20000 certification is the first globally accepted standard for ITSM systems in IT-based services. Certification helps businesses create a consistent and effective system, boost cost-efficiency, and increase credibility. Therefore, becoming certified will help your IT organization improve performance, risk management, and provide a big competitive advantage.

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Damon Anderson is a former quality assurance consultant with in-depth knowledge on most ISO standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 20000 certification. His articles seek to explain the importance of ISO 9001 quality management among other business standards, assisting businesses to achieve competitive advantage.

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