Journey Home West offers secure and short term housing services for young women. We create an environment where youth can learn all the basic things and can enjoy their life. Our staff ensures that women can get all desired housing goals, health, and wellbeing needs, as well as find the right support services. We prepare the women to face all the emotional and physical factors of their life. The residents receive healthy living and social integration with Journey Home.

Fundamentally, Journey Home West helps youth in emergency recovery financially in the manners in which we can. In the wake of meeting their prompt requirements for food, home, dress, and security, we make an emotionally supportive network that encourages them to prosper. Our main focus of this program is to give the chance to partake in business, employment, education, and training with conceivable admittance to get a stable life. At our place, residents will enjoy their journey of recovery and mental health.

Our staff is available 24x7 for all types of support. We deliver complete service to the person till they stay with us. Throughout the day the residents leave for school or a local job while back at the home at night, our staff offers a more traditional “home life” scenario. With Journey Home staff, we are helping residents to understand and learn all vital life skills.

With Journey Home, the residents enjoy the first step towards their independence. To know more about our services and information, you can contact us on (385) 304-3603. We are ready to answer all your inquiries.

Education Support

Depending upon the interest and skills, our staff provides full support to the women to get the right education. We open the development door for the residents. Our support is not only limited to the essential education but we also aim that young women get vocational skill coaching so that they can easily overcome any situation with their knowledge and skill.

Personal Responsibility

At Journey Home, you will get to know how you have to manage all your personal responsibilities. The residents will get to know how they have to manage their time in arranging all the tasks. Time management helps in getting all things done perfectly. And also if you are making a commitment then you have to fulfill it.

Social Integration
It is very effective for a healthy and enjoyable life to be sociable. By meeting different individuals you will get to know them and can learn many positive things. Exchange of thought and other things will bring positive happiness in your life. Journey Home West provides positive recreational activities to offer the overall development of the individual.

The Eligible Criteria

  • Girls ages 16 – 21 years old
  • Graduation from the residential treatment center, therapeutic wilderness program, therapeutic boarding school, or other similar treatment programs
  • Ability to set goals and follow-through
  • Committed and stable relative to the ongoing life and therapeutic goals
  • Capable of making responsible personal decisions with minimal adult supervision
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