Most men would be happy to learn a set of new maneuvers that could seriously spice up their performance in the bedroom and leave their partner satisfied and begging for more. However, few men have the time or patience to spend hours reading up on how-to manuals or looking for hidden tricks to enhance their own - and their partner’s - pleasure. The good news is that men can take some of the simplest tips from the world’s most well-known and thorough guide to sex and work them into their romantic encounters with relatively little effort. Adding appropriate steps to their penis health care routine can also help take them to a new level of pleasure.

Here are some easy steps a man can take to improve the sensuality and excitement of a romantic encounter.

1. Set the scene.

While two people who are exceptionally hot for each other may not notice anything about their surroundings, those who have spent some time together may become distracted by the things going on around them - especially if they live together. Nothing throws cold water on a hot encounter more quickly than a pile of dirty laundry, an open laptop flashing email alerts, or kids causing a ruckus in the next room.

Creating a romantic atmosphere is relatively easy. Cleaning up the surroundings, perhaps adding few pillows to the bed (these can come in handy later, too…), and removing any distractions is a good start. Soft lighting - candlelight is best - and a gentle fragrance can also help to set a mood, and playing some sexy, but unobtrusive music can also help to create a space that is meant just for two. Sending the kids to a movie, or just waiting until they are asleep, can also help both partners to keep their minds on the matter at hand.

2. Start with cleansing.

One of the main points of the Kama sutra has to do with the cleansing experience. Taking a warm bath or a shower together is a nice way to get things started. Fragrant bath oils can be added to the water, and a couple can take turns gently washing each other. This allows for some sensual, intimate contact; and the sensation of body parts sliding against each other can cause an instantaneous increase in temperature.

3. Take it slow and easy.

Now that both partners are feeling the heat, it can be tempting to jump right in and get to the main point of the encounter. While this can be exciting, slowing it down can add a great degree of sensory pleasure to the experience. Using gentle movements and soft touch, taking the time to experience each other to the fullest, can create a new height of sensation.

4. Experiment with new positions.

Instead of falling into the same pattern, trying a variety of new positions can help to heighten sensations even more. Using pillows, chairs, or other bedroom props can help to create a new range of feelings and touch sensory tissue that has been previously unexplored.

5. Nourish the penis for a greater sensual experience.

No matter how well a man plans ahead to set a sexy, seductive tone, a penis that is not in topnotch condition is not going to make for a pleasant sensual experience - for either himself or his partner. However, men who have a dry, rough-feeling penis, or one that is easily irritated during heavy activity, or even one that is a little less sensitive than it used to be, can work wonders on the look and feel of their penile skin. A penis nutrient formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is fortified with high-quality moisturizers, life-sustaining vitamins and energy-boosting antioxidants can quickly improve the overall quality of the skin, leaving the penis soft, supple and responsive to even a gentle touch. Applied every day, a penis cream can provide men with a more sensual experience than they ever thought possible.

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