You are never too young or too old to benefit from meditation. With the increasing pace of life, having quiet time each day can be very beneficial. You may have noticed the increasing market of numerous and different meditation techniques, including guided meditation books, CDs and DVDs. I have found the most effective form of meditation is not complex and needs no manual—the best approach to keep it simple.

Benefits of Meditation
Studies have shown remarkable benefits to those people who meditate or spend some kind of quiet reflection each day. One very clear advantage is the ability to reduce stress. When you take time to tune in to your spirit, you find peace as guidance is provided and your questions answered. Furthermore, since anxiety and tension is eased during quiet time, the body responds better. People who meditate habitually get sick less often and recover faster from illness than those who do not. However, the most important gain is the fact that you speak with the spirit of God.

Giving Thanks
When you were little, I bet many of your moms taught you to give thanks for any gifts you received. We are commonly instructed to give thanks after we obtain something. Giving thanks is suitable way to begin and end any meditation. Why would you not want to appreciate the spirit for the gifts you have already received in your life and the anticipated gifts of the future? Our Creator only wants the best for us. Therefore, why not acknowledge that fact with thanksgiving? By doing so, you will be reinforcing the strength and support you already have within.

Get Insight from the Spirit of God
Meditation is communing with the spirit of God. In order to connect with the spirit within, quieting the mind, the physical side of a human being, may be necessary. It can be useful to keep it simple. Having a bunch of long, drawn-out steps during your system can actually put your focus back on the physical side, as you have to think, using the mind to complete the process. However, the whole point of meditation and prayer is to converse with the spirit of God, not focus on the steps. Keeping it simple allows a greater chance that the spirit can be well heard, permitting constructive guidance to flow to you.

Ask and You Shall Receive
Furthermore, that communing is a two-way street. Not only is meditation good for listening to the advice of the Creator, it is also a time to ask for your desires. Matthew 7:7(KJV) and Matthew 21:22 (KJV) of the Bible state, respectively, "Ask, and it shall be given you" and "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." These verses coincide with an aspect of the Law of Attraction in that if you ask and believe with all your heart and soul, you shall indeed receive—what you focus on becomes. These statements validate that your thoughts can create your world.

Take Time to Make Time
How many of you have an intention to devote time to meditation or prayer each day, but somehow do not find the time to do so? So many people have this excuse. However, I have found the more that I take time to meditate each day, the more time I have available to me. It is the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in practice—what you focus on becomes. Therefore, if you think you do not have time, you will not. However, by taking action to make time, you are putting out the thought that you do have time, thereby allowing more time to be allotted to you.

Keep it Simple
You may not take the time to perform this easy task simply because you have been told that effective meditation requires a certain amount of time each day—usually over 15 or 20 minutes. However, I have found that I only need a few minutes each day for my meditation to be successful. Keep it simple. Maybe a guided meditation CD helps you begin the process, but the more steps required could interfere with primary benefit of meditation: listening and speaking to spirit.

Although I usually spend only a short time meditating each day, it is important that you do what you feel is best for you. I recommend starting with just a few minutes, first thing in the morning. If you wish, you may extend your time in reflection very easily with practice, obtaining a deeper meditation. I also meditate before I go to sleep at night. Since the spirit often speaks to you in dreams, meditating before you rest is conducive since it relaxes you. You will often fall asleep faster and, if you request it, problems can be solved subconsciously while you sleep.

Take Action
In order to take full advantage of meditation and to reap the rewards that God wants for you, you must take action. If you get into the habit of taking 5-10 minutes each day, spending quiet time alone with your Creator, you may find it more beneficial than ever imagined. From my perspective, 'keep it simple' has been the best method. However, do what suits you best. If guided meditation techniques help, then choose to begin there. Nevertheless, you cannot reap the rewards unless you begin. Why not, what do you have to lose?

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