If you work INSIDE the home, you know how hard it can be to stay on track and not get distracted with a domestic "to-do" list.

Here are 5 Simple RULES to follow when you are work at home.

Rule 1: Give Yourself Attention FIRST. Take just 10 minutes to have some tea, quiet time, or meditation. This will really helps to clear your mind and help you focus for the day.

Rule 2: Get DRESSED. I made the mistake early on to work in my PJ's. I found that my attitude changed once I actually showered and put on "non-ratty" clothing.

Rule 3: Stay on a schedule. This is the most difficult. It is so easy to get up from your desk to throw in laundry or clean up the kitchen, etc. The key for me is to pretend that my office is miles away from home. Then, I can disassociate myself from a stay at home mom / work at home mom. I have time for lunch on my calendar, time for my son when he comes home from school, and time to shut down. By the way, I even schedule time for laundry!

Rule 4: Quit when it is quitting time. The easiest way to lose the balance in your work/home life, is to ignore the structure you set for yourself. If you are scheduled to end your day at 5:00 PM, then end your day at 5:00 PM. Walk away and close the office door. Turn the ringer off of your office phone and don't look back! The you biggest mistake you can make is being "open" all the time. Address it early on.

Rule 5: Detox each day. Give yourself, your family ALL of you at the end of each day. Stop being a working mom and be a mom/wife. Be fully present when you are done with work.

Follow these easy rules/steps to set yourself up for success!

Author's Bio: 

Jerri Palumbo is the owner of www.VirtuallyAchieved.com, a company dedicated to working with small online businesses to help them focus on their big visions, while leaving the support up to a strong virtual team.