According to astrology, a person gets physical pleasure due to the compatibility of the planet Venus. Which includes home, vehicle, etc. Apart from this, Venus is also considered a factor of sexual organs and semen. Venus attracts pleasure, consumption, luxury, and beauty. For some time after the marriage, the household car keeps on moving, but only after some time the husband wives quarrels in the wife, the life starts to become hellish. Some yoga yogas present in the horoscope are also responsible for these conditions. Therefore, before deciding the marriage horoscope, these yoga yogas must be viewed at the same time.

In the seventh house, Saptamesh himself is self-possessed and there should not be any sin or combination of any sinful planet with him. But if any of the two planets have a full vision relationship or union with Saturn Mars or Rahu on the self-proclaimed seventh, then in this situation, the divine happiness will be very low. Due to this situation, both the seventh house and the seventh house will become weak under the influence of sin.

If there is a combination of Venus with Lagna, Chaturthi, Navamsh, Dashmesh or Panchamesh then there is an increase in marital bliss i.e. sexual pleasure, while there is a decrease in marital bliss due to relationship with Sastesh, Ashtamesh Ua Dwadhesh.

If there is the auspicious view of the auspicious planets on the seventh lord, Venus is making a relationship with the lord of the seventh lord, if there is the influence of the auspicious planets on the moon and Venus, then married life is very happy and love is complete.

If the Lagnesh is in the seventh house and has the best view of Chaturthi, and the other auspicious planets are also in the seventh house, then such a person gets a very beautiful, pleasant and quality wife with whom he lives a beautiful and pleasant married life. (This yoga will not occur in Virgo ascendant)

If the center of Saptamesh is situated in the triangle or in the eleventh house, there is mutual love between such pairs. If both Saptamesh and Venus are in the high zodiac signs, they are in their own sign and do not have any sinful effect on them, then married life is very pleasant.

If Saptamesh is strong if he is ascendant or saptamastha and if Venus and Chaturthish are together then the husband and wife live a very loving life.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.