I heard too much yakking about Leap Day (February 29) being an “extra” day this year. A “bonus” day. A day to do something special. Every time I heard this notion from someone in person, on the phone, or on the media, I wanted to scream, “Don’t you get it? Every day is a bonus day!” Perhaps my buttons were getting a teeny bit pushed. Upon reflection, here’s why.

Lately I’ve seen a trend among Brilliance-Based Businesswomen and Brilliance-Based Careerwomen. They know what they want to create in their lives and work. They know what’s in their way of creating it. They even know who can help them move those obstacles and leap ahead. But they decide it’s best to do it “later.” Later!?!

As we approach March 19, the 14th anniversary of my close friend Jochen’s death (we were 30 when he got sick and died within 4 months) and the 13th anniversary of connect2 Corporation (my personal tribute to seizing the day), I am feeling the urge to shake everyone by the shoulders. There is no guarantee of later! No matter how young we are or how good we feel. The time to act is absolutely now.

Recently I had a fascinating conversation with one of my clients who wanted to move forward but at the same time thought she should put “it” off until later. Together we co-created a list of what might spur her to make a change sooner:

• Spouse or loved one fully supports “it”
• Sudden surge of self-discipline drives her to just do “it”
• Some outside drama pops up that necessitates “it”
• Certainty that “it” will make a strong pain go away
• Belief that later “it” will be more costly
• Viewing “it” as critical to survival (financial or health wise)
• Doing “it” has comfortably low risk

As my mentor has taught me well, the ego mind resists change. The ego mind wants safety. Expansion does not feel safe to the ego mind. It feels risky. So the ego mind will sabotage any and all change. According to Napoleon Hill, here are the most common 5 ways we sabotage ourselves in the interest of staying seemingly safe:

• Lacking clarity of purpose (ignoring your Brilliance will keep you from being your Most Brilliant Self, of the highest service to others)
• Going it alone (Brilliance-Based Businesswomen are naturally isolating)
• Stopping at the finish line (maintaining rather than progressing)
• Having little to no faith (letting uncertainty about “the how” stall you)
• Taking little to no action (guaranteeing things will stay the same or get worse)

So deciding you’ll do it later, when someone else may give you permission or encouragement or a blank check, is the best possible way to GUARANTEE you will continue to experience your current result, or worse. Want your current result? Then do “it” later! Wait for a bonus day! Or….

Want meaningful change? Do “it” today. Just take the first step. I know it’s a leap of faith. Just leap, and your net will appear.

Happy Belated Leap Day, everyone.

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Debra Woog coaches women entrepreneurs to accelerate success, with joy and ease, by building your Brilliance-Based Business™ with profit-enhancing marketing, technology, management and personal best practices.

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