Knowing how to heal after and affair is just like a gift to you and to others around you. After you found out that your spouse is cheating on you and details about the affair, your self-esteem has diminished and you don't believe in you anymore. But you have to know that the first most important step in rebuilding your marriage after an affair is to heal yourself.

This may seem selfish for you because you are used to take care of someone else first and then take care of your needs. It is normal to feel like that but you have to remain committed to resolving your own needs and values so you can understand better how to heal after an affair.

Here are 3 steps about how to heal after an affair and rediscover your lost self-esteem:

Step 1: Learn how to manage your negative thoughts to regain your self-esteem. Your marriage after affair is not the same and it may never be like it was before and this has an impact on you on many levels. Learning how to heal after an affair is crucial in your fight to save your marriage and first you have to counter the negative feelings with positive self-talk that helps you move on.

Step 2: Start keeping a journal to have a record of your thoughts. Begin to create positive thoughts to counter the bad ones. You can boost your self-esteem by writing in your journal happy memories of yourself about moments in your past where your self-esteem was at a high level. This journal will help you keep the momentum for rediscovering yourself and how to heal after an affair.

Step 3: You must take action in order to rebuild your self-esteem. Build a vision of your future and how would you like to be and start taking daily or weekly actions that bring you closer to your goal. You know that you want to be happy, but you have to define what it looks like in order to find out how to heal after an affair.

So what actions can you take to help you move closer to your final goal and that is to be happy again? For example try to do something that you never done, and don't be afraid to try new things. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to bake artisan breads, go on a tour to ancient places like historical sites or maybe you want to go in a trip somewhere far away, plan it and do it and you will feel much better. This is an affective way how to heal after an affair.

If you don't know how to heal after an affair than taking actions to improve your live after your partner cheated on you, is the best way to rediscover yourself, what inspire you, what are your passions and everything about you that makes you feel good.

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