Everything we are, will be, have, or are yet to have is a direct consequence of what we learn and apply. Learning and acting upon our knowledge enable us to make meaningful contributions.

The more you know, the more you realize how much you don't know. You must continue to seek out new perspectives and truths to enhance your ability to achieve your Core Desires. Continual learning is critical and affects every area of your life. Learning is a lifelong process and should be fun and exciting, bringing you increased levels of success and enjoyment.

Learning is an investment in yourself. If you make wise investments in things that go to your heart, you'll receive fabulous dividends. If you invest in the wrong information, the data begins to collect dust in the memory banks of your mind.

If you have any problems in your life-be they financial, marital, or parental-you will have to learn new ways to solve them. Most problems are created by the choices you made with the knowledge-or lack of knowledge-you had at the time. If things are to be different, you will have to seek new learning opportunities and fresh wisdom. If you don't learn more, you will stay stuck at the same level of happiness, income, and wisdom.

I know men who refuse to seek marriage counseling when their marriages are falling apart and they're very unhappy. They think that they are in the right, even when the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that they need to make adjustments. This kind of thinking is extremely limiting. This hardheadedness-and hard-heartedness-results when people would rather have unhappy marriages than face the errors of their ways. Their Core Desire is to protect fragile egos and low self-images.

Many people choose to be foolish and learn instead from hard experience. It is said that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power. The proper use of knowledge is power, and wisdom. If wisdom is a Core Desire, you'll be more than willing to learn and apply what you learn. A little wisdom begets more wisdom.

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Jack M. Zufelt is a bestselling author and has achieved worldwide recognition for teaching people the true cause of all achievement. His life's mission is to impart the truth about-and dispel the myths surrounding-success and achievement. Want to achieve better results? How about live a fuller life with more happiness, joy, and satisfaction? Discover Jack's DNA of Success and live the life you've always wanted... Click Here -> http://www.DNAofSuccess.com