Patience is a virtue, as they say, but many of us (myself included--sometimes) struggle with being patient--or should I say, the lack of it. And some negative things follow when you lack patience. Like say, when a certain person really pisses you off (or you let them), or even the thought of a particular situation about something, then you feel bad, or you can't focus your attention to what you're doing or what you are about to do. Not to mention that you tend to compromise your relationships with people--just because you lack the value of being patient.

Okay, just like with anything, it may take time to be patient--perhaps that's why it's quite a rare virtue. Especially in these times of almost all things instant-- IM, chats, Text messaging, instant noodles, instant coffee, the works. For instance, let's say you're a newbie and you got your very first job ever--in an office. Obviously, you have no idea what it feels like working with a bunch of professionals in this kind of working environment. At first, it can be quite new to you how to jibe along with your colleagues, not to mention learning new things like your tasks or projects which needs to master. If you are not patient enough, you can get easily frustrated if you don't master it fast enough or you make some mistakes along the way. However, over time, you can get the hang of things and it does take time to master a certain task.

As for making mistakes, it will also help you learn to be more patient if you ask questions or clarifications from your supervisor or your workmates about your work.

So that any errors you have or confusion, it will already be rectified or corrected early on before you have many errors, or else, it will delay the productivity of your organization, or you won't give a hard time for your office mates ( especially if your work involves stages wherein various tasks are via stages, and handled by different staff).

At times, it can be quite disturbing not to mention uncomfortable if you argues with someone at work. Don't think that you can simply be overruled just because that employee has already been there with the company longer and you're just a newbie.

Nevertheless, over time with experience, hopefully you'll get to learn how to draft your arguments, so that you you can present your case or opinions objectively and briefly. Bear in mind that certain corporate settings can indeed be aggressive or can even be cutthroat. The more exposed and patient you
will be, the better you will be in trying to cope with that kind of environment. It's comforting to realize that the things you learn through experience will eventually help you to give the patience you need even in the day to day dealings with others, which can be crucial also.

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