The quote “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up” is limited. In the Law of Attraction, if you think you have given up (or lost) something along the way, you automatically attract whatever you were unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to lose back into your life. This includes a poverty mindset.

In understanding this, you can change how you view what you have lost (or given up) to ensure that you don’t re-attract it back into your life. One way you can do this, is to focus on being true to yourself, committed, resourceful, and passionate on your path of success. Isn’t it better to view those things you have given up, as making room for these values / attributes in your life? Certainly, leaving a poverty mindset behind and making room to be resourceful in generating more income is a great thing.

Like Losing an Old Friend...

Leaving a poverty consciousness behind is difficult; the subconscious mind is protecting you by keeping that poverty consciousness in place and until you address it, you will continually sabotage yourself in any effort to change your life.

Let’s think of the poverty mindset as an Old Friend that has been around forever. It is something you can rely on even though this friend brought their problems with them. This friend (mindset) is something you are comfortable with, and you have likely taken great pains to protect it against criticism and made excuses for it. Leaving this mindset behind feels like you are tossing that old friend onto the rubbish heap and not looking back.

Leaving our old friend behind can cause a lot of pain – but does it really have to be? If what you’re leaving behind allows you to make room for newer, more positive attributes – isn’t that a good thing?

Be Dedicated, Be Committed – Persevere

To truly leave your ‘unwanted’ baggage behind, you need to be dedicated, committed and simply persevere until you achieve what you are seeking.

Most of us understand what dedication and commitment mean and that the two are inextricably linked with each other however, we are often confused by what perseverance actually is. Perseverance is ‘sticking power’ – how long you stick at something, simply keep plugging away until you achieve your objective.

Perseverance is different for every one – it is based on your own values. How long you stick to your guns and decide what to give up, is completely up to you.

Perseverance can sometimes be called “The Fight”.

When you are engaged in “The Fight”, there could actually be no outcome – no winner, no loser. However, you should embrace all of the lessons you experience and become the better for them. This is where Brain Management comes into play – you can use these techniques to help you embed the lessons from your experiences in your subconscious.

Remember – when you eat an elephant, you eat it bite by bite… this is just what I mean by perseverance.

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