What is money really? For most of us in the Western world it's pieces of paper or plastic with numbers on it. The use of money to facilitate exchange of services evolved out of the barter system - it's much easier to carry around some greenbacks or a credit card to get what you need than it is to bring your cow downtown to the grocery and ask to exchange some milk for whatever else is on your shopping list now isn't it?

The thing about money though is that we attach all kinds of other "energy" ties to it and so it becomes charged with more than it was intended to be. Money is used to wield power over others, to demonstrate emotions, sometimes to punish, to denote status or significance in the world, as a substitute for loving attention, as a demonstration of our worth or value - there are so many ways that money has picked up some kind of emotional string. When we have all these strings attached to money we enter into a love/hate relationship with something that really was meant to be just used as a tool and it can become very stressful to talk about, work with or manage it because it's carrying all these other energies.

To get an idea of where you might have emotional charges around money, take a look at some of your ideas and patterns of behavior around working with it. Do you like to always have a lot of cash in your purse or wallet or do you more often have only a few bucks on you? Do you make sure that you always pay when the bill comes or do you wait until the last minute hoping that someone else will pick up the tab? Do you balance your check book to the penny every month or do you not even know what I'm referring to? How did your parents handle money? Was it discussed in the home at all? Were you taught that money = love from your father or your mother or that material things were a valid substitute for time and attention? How about debt? Is debt a good thing to have or do you abhor owing money to anyone? What is your credit score? Do you pay your bills on time or are you always late? Do you know how much is in your checking account approximately? Do you save money every month or does the money run out before the month does?

By examining some of these questions in silent sacred space with yourself you can immediately detect an energetic response at the subtle level. When you begin to feel energy being stirred up inside you as you contemplate money and your relationship with it see where that energy might be stored in your body. Is it in the pit of your stomach? Deep in your gut? In your heart center? Follow that feeling and ask your body to give you information in images or memories of the first time that you felt this way in regard to money. Is there a story attached? Did you not get something that you wanted or needed once upon a time and is this pattern continuing to play itself out in your life now? If so then you can, with your intent and conscious awareness, begin to unravel the threads that you may have attached to money long ago that today may no longer serve you. As you unravel these threads you open the door for creating a new relationship with money that is more balanced, harmonious and in alignment with the natural flow of abundance that is a fundamental fact of the Universe. By changing your own patterns and thought forms you come more into alignment with the stream of well being and prosperity will begin to flow to and through you in many ways. It's important as you make shifts not to swing the pendulum too far in the opposite direction because that too can inhibit the natural flow. The flow of money, of prosperity, of abundance can be as natural as breathing. Inhale (income), exhale (expense). There is always enough to sustain you, in fact there is more than enough for you to move beyond the idea of just being able to survive. Step in to living with money in a way that you will thrive.

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