Here are some natural ways that will help you lose your weight for good. These ways are long term solutions to how to change your behavior in your daily life so that you are able to lose excess weight.

Let’s get started:

Watch your portions

This one should be a no brainer really. Watch the portions of the foods you eat. If you eat twice as much than you need, it is normal that you will not be able to lose any weight, quite the opposite.

For most of us it is true that we could life off at least half the food we eat each day.

One trick can be to eat at least a third of the food less – if you eat three eggs, go for two, if you eat two sandwiches, eat just one, etc.


No matter how little you eat, if you don’t move around, if you aren’t moving your body regularly and burning calories and excess fat, you won’t get much thinner.

Take the time each day to take at least a half an hours' worth of a power walks, or better yet try to hit the gym at least three times a week and take walks on the other days.

Playing football, basketball, soccer or squash with your friends is also a great way to both socialize and lose weight by staying active. Just avoid the bears after the games, and you’ll be golden.

Drink more water

Drinking more water in this context means predominantly drinking water instead of drinks full with sugars such as many juices or soda based drinks.

Instead, drink water or freshly squeezed fruit like a natural lemonade with no sugar. Over time, this will save you a lot of calories that you would otherwise intake without even realizing that they are a significant percentage of your daily calorie intake.

Be realistic

When you want to lose weight, it is important to be realistic. Nothing will happen overnight, and likely over a few weeks.

Although you should be losing up to two pounds per week after you’ve started, it is also realistic that you might be losing two pounds per month. And that is great as long as you are losing weight and not gaining it.

After a few months you will be much closer to your goals if you just stick with your plan.

Careful with snacks

Be careful with snacks. One candy bar may contain all the calories you need for the whole day. So imagine how bad for your weight loss efforts it would be if you ate a candy bar as a snack, and drank a whole lot of juice.

Instead, learn to snack on carrots, berries, dried fruits etc.

Prepare your mind

It is important to prepare yourself mentally for weight loss. Prepare yourself for all the challenges that are to come.

You can do this with the help of subliminal audio – it is a way to communicate directly with your subconscious that gradually changes the way you think to your desired direction.

Or, you can just meditate or repeat positive affirmations to yourself, as this is something many people have had success with when they stayed consistent in repeating their affirmations daily.

I hope you follow these tips as they are fairly easy to implement, and will bring you considerable results in just a few months time.

Author's Bio: 

Christopher Montrose is an author featured all over the net who writes about self help topics such as positive thinking, weight loss, NLP and similar.

One of the ways he suggests that will be great for you to keep on your weight loss schedule is to look at how fast food companies use subliminal messages to influence you to buy their products.