your astrological chart will help you find the best careers for you, the best ways for you to earn money, and to some extent, whether you will have any luck in gambling, and maybe, if you are going to get some inheritance. But no astrologer can guarantee by using astrology that you are DEFINITELY going to win a large amount of money in the Lottery; if an astrologer could do that, most astrologers would be rich themselves; and no astrologer can tell you how large or small an inheritance might be. Lottery astrology

The second house, any planets that are in it, and the planet that rules it, help shape how you earn money, and what you do to build up your resources.

The eighth house, any planets that are in it, and the planet that rules it, help shape your interaction with other people’s money, so any inheritance would likely show up here.

The fifth house, any planets that are in it, and the planet that rules it, are all important factors in things like speculation and gambling, and you can usually tell by looking here in a chart whether a person tends to be luckier than average at gambling, or would be best served to stay away from it altogether.

So let’s say someone has Cancer on the fifth house, but no planets in the fifth. Since the Moon rules Cancer, we would look at the Moon in that chart to see potential luck in speculation. If the Moon is very strong in the chart, in a sign it is comfortable in, the person may be a bit lucky; less so if the Moon is in a sign it is uncomfortable in like Capricorn. If the Moon is in the 9th house, they may be luckier on 9th house things, like betting in foreign lotteries; if it is in the 7th house, they may be luckier in one-on-one betting, like playing cards with someone. Now, if the Moon makes a great aspect to Jupiter, like a trine, this increases their luck. If it makes a square to Saturn, this can really put a cramp on their ability to gamble.

As you can see, it can be very complicated, and even doing all that, you are not going to get specifics like just how much someone can get in the lottery, or the best times to gamble to guarantee a hute win.

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SriTulasi is an Indian astrologer