My Boyfriend Is Insecure About His Size: My Boyfriend Is Self Conscious about His Size

If you have a boyfriend and he has a small penis, and if this is an issue for you, then there are a number of options on how to deal with this and what to do.

It's understandable that size may be a concern for you. Penis size has a number of issues surrounding it. You may not be getting sexually satisfied the way you should. He may not be as confident and as exciting in bed as he could be due to his lack of confidence regarding size.

Let's look at how to deal with your boyfriend having a small penis from a variety of different angles:

1. Length VS Thickness. Initially you may think your boyfriend has a small penis due to his lack of length But are you aware that when it comes to sexual satisfaction it is actually the thickness or girth that matters? It can be very deceiving and many women may write off a guy when they don't see a decent sized stick as far as length goes. But pay attention to width and you may be surprised at how well stimulation can be from someone who is girthier rather than lengthier.

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2. Does size really matter? A lot of size issues can be visual based. Don't knock your boyfriend right away for size issues. Sex may still be great and there are always other, more sexually pleasing ways to be intimate with one another. As mentioned before, if anything it is the girth issue that matters most for many women who have reported back on the age old question of "does penis size matter?"

3. Focus on his confidence. Sometimes the girlfriend could care less about size, and instead it is the boyfriend who becomes totally consumed with his penis size, believing he is not adequate enough. This can lead to real big problems in the bedroom. If his confidence is down, his performance will be down. Sex will be dull and he probably won't even last long enough if he isn't confident enough. Try to assure him that size isn't an issue and it's his lack of confidence and his attachment to his size issues that is the real problem.

4. Look at the positive aspects of his size. Some women actually prefer a smaller, more manageable size when it comes to sex. And a lot of women flat out prefer smaller size when it comes to giving oral sex. You can do much more and it is much more sexually comfortable when you are dealing with less than average size as far as oral goes. Looking towards the positive helps both him and you out a lot

5. Tell him about "jelqing". This is an exercise that guys have been doing to increase their penis size. It's an actually technique that he can do every day, and it usually takes several weeks for results to kick in. Getting him bigger can do two things: jack up his confidence levels and provide you with the size you desire for sexual fulfillment. If you are really committed to your boyfriend, you could even help him with the exercises (they basically involve slowly massaging the lubricated penis repeatedly while in a semi-erect state). Sometimes girlfriends will help their guy do a jelqing session, and in return he will give his girlfriend a nice, long back massage. Helping your boyfriend out can motivate him more and force him to be more consistent with doing the exercises. Jelqing results usually depend most on consistency and motivation, along with patience as it does take several weeks for size.

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The question on how to make my penis bigger has always been on the mind of many men since having a bigger penis means that he is more masculine and that he will be able to please a lot of women simply because he as a thicker and longer penis.

There are plenty of pills, gadgets, and potions available in the market today. But perhaps the most important thing when you pick a product to use is to ensure that you have researched the product extensively especially with regards to its effects or side effects.

But, if you want to increase your penis size without spending a dime, there is actually something you can do. You can do penile exercises. It is the most basic and inexpensive thing you can do to increase your penis size. All you need is your hand and some lube or lotion. Penile exercises can help increase the size of your penis by about an inch or so, but you need to be patient and really work on it. And this can be achieved in as short as six weeks.

Here are some of the most effective penile exercises.

1. Penile stretches. This is very simple exercise to do. You just have to take the penis in the flaccid state and stretch it to the maximum length it can go. But be sure that you don't overdo it or it would cause discomfort for your penis. You need to do it gently and gradually. Hold the stretch for thirty seconds, and rest for about ten seconds then repeat. You should do this at least ten times per session.

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2. Jelqing. This is quite a popular penile exercise. Many profess that it lengthened their penis by about an inch in just a short while. You can use some lube if you prefer but you can do it with just your hand and penis. All you have to do is make an "OK" sign with your index and thumb fingers then hold the shaft of your flaccid penis. As if milking a cow, you have to slide your fingers towards the head of your penis so that it will swell. Make sure you do this with a flaccid penis since this exercise will not be effective if done with an erect penis. Do this exercise for ten minutes each day.

3. Ulis. With this exercise you have to squeeze the shaft of your fully erect penis, the head of your penis should swell and become shiny. Make sure you do this in moderation and do not overdo it or else you will surely cause discomfort for your penis.

These are just some of the basic exercises on how to make my penis bigger.

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Men have always sought to have a large penis, fortunately for some they are naturally well endowed and needn't look for any 'solution' to lengthen their penises, they are already long enough. But unfortunately for some this is not the case, they haven't been gifted with the length and therefore wishes for a longer shaft to be able to satisfy their woman and be more self confident at the same time.

So, is there a secret to get a longer penis? The truth is, there is no secret formula to magically enhance your penis, but there are many ways you can employ in order to lengthen the penis and allow you to enjoy your sex life more.

You can make use of penis exercises, as well as penis devices that stretches and elongates the penis in time. There are also pills and creams that can help you enhance the effects of any device or o exercise you use. So even if you are not naturally endowed you can still grow your penis to the length you like.

Now, the best time to actually attempt to elongate your penis is during puberty when everything else is still growing, you just need to help your body focus on growing the penis. During this time, stretching and 'pulling' at your penis can help it grow fuller since blood is pumped through it more and thus giving it more sustenance for growth.

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Don't despair if you are a grown man. You still can lengthen your penis but it will indeed take time so you need to be patient and consistent in doing penis exercises like jelqing, kegels exercise and any other stretching method you will find. You can also use penis pumps, extenders and the likes in order to aid you in elongating your penis.

In the meantime here are some other tips to make your penis appear larger:

* It might be wise to trim your pubic hair. Doing this will expose the shaft of your penis and make it appear longer.

* Keep your body fit. It is a well known fact that obese men have smaller penises, so if you keep your body fit you will also have a fit penis.

* Mentally prepare yourself for a bigger penis. If you believe you have a long penis, you aura especially during sex will exude it and your partner will surely take notice of this confidence and may even be more aroused by this even if your penis isn't that long yet.

So is there a secret to get a longer penis? No, there isn't. You just need to employ the right techniques in order to lengthen your shaft and you need to be patient as well because it will take time, but you will surely be able to lengthen your penis over time.

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For any man, having a small penis can be rather demeaning to his life, especially the sexual side of it. That is precisely why a lot of men desperately search for solutions to grow their underdeveloped manhood into becoming bigger... including going for penile enlargement surgeries. But in actual fact, there is no need for you to even embarrass yourself by telling your intimate problem to your doctor - there is a far more convenient yet highly effective way to increase your penis size... from home!

Have you not heard that just by doing some simple stretching exercises to your male organ, you can help stimulate it into growing bigger in size! It is one of the oldest male enhancement technique known to man, and is also one of the only few methods which have been medically tested and proven to work.

"But how does exercising your penis help it grow physically bigger?"

The exercises only require a few stretching and stroking routines done with just your hands. These actions help to stimulate the blood flow to your male organ, increasing the amount of blood which stores in the two main tissue-like cavities within your organ. By having more blood inside these cavities, the tissues expand more to give your penis that much needed boost in size.

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What makes exercising a highly effective method is that the results you gain do not just last temporarily. Exercising forces your male organ to grow larger-sized cells to hold the increased amount of blood in the cavities. And because cells do not shrink in size, you can only expect your penis to permanently remain bigger even after you stop doing the exercises!

"It's so easy to start exercising your penis from home"

As you can see, the exercises are pretty much effortless to do! Anybody can easily take a moment to learn the various stretching exercise routines and start practising them daily in the comforts and privacy of their own room.

Just 20 minutes of your time each day to carry out the stretching routines is enough to bring about the change which you so desire to your penis size. And within just a few weeks of exercising, you will emerge a much better-endowed man - and someone your woman will never get enough of!

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