My Husband Left Me But Won't Tell Me Why: Exactly How To Deal With Husband Walking Out From Marriage

Are you depressed right now because your husband left you? Do you feel that you are no longer worthy of anybody else's love because of what your husband did? Do you feel unsure about being able to ease your loneliness and get back to being lively again?

Women who have had the experience of being left by their husband will feel lonely and depressed. As with every relationship break-up, this reaction is to be expected. However this does not mean that you will no longer have to make an effort to be happy again. Being depressed over the break-up for a long time can lead to serious consequences. Thus if you want to live life again, you can refrain from complaining and saying things such as "my husband left me" over and over again. Instead of listing down the reasons to your question of "why my husband left me", it would be better if you will think of how you can be happy again and continue with your everyday life. The following are some of the things you can do to feel alive again.

1. See what's Outside: If you have been staying in your room for the past days still sulking over what had happened, now is the time to get out and feel the sunrise outside. Forget about the "my husband left me" depressing moments. You have to think of yourself now and start living the day without any hurt feelings.

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2. Catch Up with Friends: Friends are great help when it comes to easing loneliness. You can cry on their shoulders and can tell them your hurts and pains and let your "my husband left me" drama issue all out. The good thing about friends is that they can help you deal with your problem every step of the way. They can give you advice when you need it. You can find comfort in their company.

3. Go On Vacation: Time to end your "my husband left me" drama by going on a vacation either with your friends or on your own. A new change of scenery or environment can be healing and refreshing. Going on vacation can help you think things through. It can also provide you a more vibrant disposition, which is what you need in order to deal with the loneliness after being left behind by your partner.

4. Write Your Thoughts and Feelings: Keeping a journal where you can write your thoughts and how you feel can be a good thing. There are women who sometimes find it hard to express how they truly feel thus writing their emotions on a journal is better that letting it build-up inside until it becomes too heavy a pain to bear. A journal can be a great alternative if you want to talk about your "my husband left me" problem.

5. Find your Interest: To keep yourself from thinking about the "my husband left me" problem you have, you need to keep yourself busy. Try to look for things that interest you and spend time doing them. In this way, you will always have something to do and to think about aside from your relationship problem.

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Your husband left you for another woman. You didn't see it coming at all. You knew that the two of you were struggling with some issues but you never imagined that one of those issues was her. Now you're left alone with a bruised ego and a confused heart. You still love the man despite his infidelity. You struggle when you think of the two of them together because all you want is your family back together again. You can have that. Many women in your situation don't realize one very important fact. Your husband loved you enough to marry you once. That can happen again.

Hostility is the emotion of the day when your husband has left you for someone else. You feel hostility towards him and obviously towards her as well. That is very hard to hide and will come through in your behavior. Many women who are dumped by their spouse are determined to get revenge. They believe if they can tarnish the new woman's image in their estranged husband's eyes that they'll get him back. Degrading her is only going to make you look less in control. It speaks of your jealousy and lack of self esteem. Don't stoop to the level of trying to undermine their relationship by making her look bad. You're going to hold your head up high and get him back in a much more effective way.

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You need to reconnect with your husband if you hope to steal him away from his new lover. Obviously, you can't just tell him that you want him back. Right now he's with her so professing your undying love will only serve to make him feel very uncomfortable and will likely ensure he cuts off most contact with you. You actually are going to do something you thought you'd never do. You're going to become his friend.

All relationships have their weak moments. Your relationship with your husband did and his new relationship will as well. That's why it's so crucial that you position yourself as a friend and confidante to him. Although you may feel that you're making yourself look weak or used by doing this, you're actually not. Your husband will see your desire to be friends as a sign of maturity and acceptance. He'll come to respect you for it.

Your history with your husband and all those wonderful moments you shared before he left you are what you will draw your strength from now. Get close to him again by establishing a friendship. In time, he'll open up to you and confide in you. He'll begin to see you as the source of strength in his life. That will ensure that when the cracks begin to show in his rebound relationship with her, that you'll be there waiting to help him heal again.

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If you happen to be pondering on how to save your marriage, you are probably experiencing one of a number of scenarios. Chances are you might be in a marriage where there is hardly a conversation without anger or resentment, or both of you might be having extra-marital affairs. Maybe you don't go out anymore, don't talk anymore or possibly don't have anything much in common anymore and you are wondering how to save my marriage.

Like most married couples, you probably though at first, that you had a match made in heaven and marriage would only enhance your bond. Now you are wondering what could have gone wrong to mar such a perfect union, as you now face the real possibility of separation and possibly divorce.

Making the decision between filing for a divorce and attempting to work on your marriage is a major life-changing decision in the life of anybody. What are some of the things you should consider before arriving at a decision? Not sure?

Listed below are the five most important questions to be answered by both of you, before committing to the big 'D'.

1. Is Love Still Alive?

For obvious reasons, if there is no longer any spark between you two, then there is nothing to try to keep alive. This is the most critical question, and you have to be really honest as the answer unequivocally determines the direction you should go next. An effective, though common exercise for both of you to do, is to write down the reasons why you still love each other, and exchange notes.

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2. Are We Still Committed?

It is important to ascertain the level of commitment of both parties to the sustaining of the marriage. Unless you both believe that the union is worth saving, then there is no hope.

3. Are You Both Willing to Make the Effort Required?

Love and commitment is not enough; effort is required and lots of it. You will have to spend quality time looking at the issues, figuring solutions and implementing a workable plan. Be aware, this approach will take considerable time, patience and energy.

4. Are We Willing to Start Afresh?

Many times, in these situations it becomes necessary to start all over - on a better footing, so to speak. Tell yourself that you had a bad start, forget about that start and begin anew. This step is one which cannot be overlooked, as so often a new foundation on which to build is mandatory.

5. Are We Willing To Get Professional Help?

According to statistics, rocky marriages rarely succeed without outside assistance. Decide if you are willing to include others such as friends, family members and professional marriage counselors. Doing this will drastically increase your chances of having a successful marriage.

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Every marriage is unique and there are just those little things that are special to you and your partner. For example the pet names you call each other; or the silly games you play. That's one of the secrets of a happy marriage. Keep the uniqueness the both of you have and happiness will always be nearby.

Understand your situation and your spouse. Do not compare your marriage with someone else's; after all you do not know what goes on behind closed doors. So much has also been said about communication. It is one essential ingredient to a happy and successful and marriage. Communication does not involve talking only.

It might be good to eventually get a silent partner to talk. But when they do talk; are you listening to them? It's important to be very receptive to what your spouse is saying and understand exactly what they mean. Most problems that arise in marriages are because of misunderstood words or intentions. So being attentive your partner is another you thing you can add to the list of secrets to a happy marriage.

When you have arguments with your spouse understand that it's not about having your own way or forcing your partner to see things from your point of view. Handle things in a responsible manner. This is the time you should realize the words you say you cannot take back. Always choose your words carefully when communicating with your spouse.

There are many secrets to a happy marriage really. Just being nice to your spouse is another. I'm talking about things like buying small gifts now and then; surprise them once in a while. These are just a few tips really but there are more.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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