My Husband Never Wants To Do Anything Fun: Husband Socializes Without Me

This article will help you if you think that being in a relationship holds you down. Being in a relationship is a great chance to improve yourself, regardless of what people say. You are independent, regardless of whether you're in a relationship or single. This article will teach you how to be as social as you normally are and not let it affect your relationship with your man. In fact, if you go about your socializing how I'm about to teach you in a few minutes, you can actually make your man love you more the more that you socialize! Interested? Read on.

1. Independent Couple

The common belief is that once people are in a relationship, they are completely shut off from the world. They are in each other's world and aren't interested in socializing or going out anymore. This is during the honeymoon period, but people have to emerge from that period eventually.

Once a couple realizes that they are getting sick of each other, they'll feel like they have to get out and enjoy the company of other people. This is when the idea of an independent couple kicks in.

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2. The Benefits

You basically go to a party and split up for the night. Pretend that you're single and go out and meet new people without any fear of retribution. There are few things that will be going through each of your minds throughout the night.

You trust each other enough not to be unfaithful. If you genuinely go out to meet new people, you will reunite with your partner at the end of the night with a renewed sense of appreciation for him.

3. Where He Comes In

You can make it so that he comes in at some point during the night and makes his presence known as "the man" in your life. You're basically showing him off and this works best when you're in a group of new acquaintances.

He basically has to make his entrance and exit brief. He comes in, introduces himself and leaves. You can do the same thing. All throughout the night, you'll feel compelled to keep an eye on each other too, but this is normal. A bit of gentle jealousy shows that this technique is working.

There are many ways to improve your relationship with your man, but you have to realize that you need to put in the effort to get used to understanding men and how our minds work. If you let us roam free for a night, we'll respect and trust you. This is how socializing becomes more of relationship building activity instead of something that only single people can do.

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Anyone who is in a relationship that works knows it because it feels good and right. We now know that there are specific beliefs that these couples live by that make the difference:

- The adults work as a team

- Show respect to each other

- Accept each other as unique individuals

- Support and build on their similarities

- Resolve differences in a growth producing manner

- Have shared values

- Believe that self-growth enhances the relationship

I am convinced that these seven points succinctly sum up what most people yearn for. Yet it is not easy to achieve. Many people were not raised in a way that enhanced self worth or modeled healthy relationship skills. However, these skills can be learned at any time in life.

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As I see it the key to strengthening relationships is based on our self-worth. If we feel that we need the strength of some one else to lift us up we will look for a partner who will do that for us. I coached a woman who was in that kind of a relationship. It worked for many years until she wanted to make a change. He had great difficulty supporting her becoming more independent. The difficulty was that he knew how to do the role of being the strong one when she was weak. However signs of independence and growth on her part felt threatening to him. The reason was that growing up as a young child he was thrust into the role of having to be the strong one and he had no experience with being comfortable in a relationship based on equality.

What we can see in this example is that each of them had to learn to develop sides with which they were not comfortable. The way to do that is by learning communication and relationship skills that enhance self growth and bring relationship joy. Love will flourish when individual differences are appreciated, communication is direct, each is responsible and honest and together they care about the well being of their relationship.

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Making up after a break up can be a beautiful thing. You have done the hard yards and reunited with the man of your dreams. The question on many peoples lips would be. How did you do it? How did you manage to turn a relationship that seemed doomed into a brand new beginning?

First you may have realized that it takes two people to make a happy partnership and began to work on the one person you knew you could change. Yourself. You decided to become not only unforgettable but so desirable no man especially one in particular could possibly resist you. Next you looked at yourself and your appearance. You believed a fresh look was very much needed as having kids had left you feeling drab and neglected. Off to the hairdresser you went followed by a clothing store and last but not least a whole new makeup look that made you feel like a movie star. With this new creation came a new confidence you had not expected. You began to feel like you did before the hubby and the kids came along. Young gorgeous and yes happier than you had been in a long while.

Ladies never underestimate the power of a makeover to make you feel like a new woman. It does not have to cost the earth, as there are plenty of stores selling designer labels at a very low cost. To really zap things up you may want to enlist in a local gym or meditation group. Anything that is going to get you feeling great inside and out you should definitely give a go.

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Get a baby sitter and go out with some lady friends for the night. Treat it as a dress rehearsal for that special night you have planned. It may well be your relationship has hit the doldrums because it has become lost to an endless time of kids and housework. You want hubby to see you as an independent woman with a mind of her own not just an over worked mother who has babies and day time television as their daily friends. For any of those out there ready to call me sexist forget it. This whole process will make any woman feel great as well as the bonus of her man sitting up and taking notice for a change. It will be damn hard to stoke the fires of passion if you do not feel good about yourself.

Next call up hubby wherever he may be staying and ask him out on a date. In fact call it a blind date because he may not recognize you. Set the seen at a romantic restaurant and make sure you are dressed to kill. You know you feel great and are ready for whatever the night will bring. If all goes well you will find you and hubby at the beginning of a brand new chapter.

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Relationship Stage Analysis as a Marriage Counseling Process

Why do I do what I do as a Marriage Counseling Professional? This article elaborates on this theme.

As an effective Psychologist, Relationship Advice provider, Life coach and Marriage Counseling practitioner, while working to save a relationship, I find it very helpful to form an opinion as to the current "stage" of the relationship.

Here I explain the 'how' and 'why' behind this practice.

Many scholars and practitioners agree that relationships generally go through five phases of development: Honeymoon, Accommodation, Challenge, Cross Roads, and Rebirth.

Phase 1: The Honeymoon This is the romantic, passionate, stars-in-the-eyes phase. I either get the impression that sex is good and there is never enough of it, or I stop and ask about it. There ought to be plenty of attraction and sexuality between them and if not, it becomes a priority in my discussion. The Psychologist role is leading here.

Phase 2: Accommodation We all have to deal with the day-to-day realities of life. In the Accommodation stage, compromises are made regarding the fulfillment of our needs and expectations. As a result we engage, from time to time, in power struggles when our partners' habits, needs, anger and withdrawal patterns become uncomfortable to us. It is important for me to question the proportion of these struggles to the entire marriage experience. A few examples are "how soon', 'how much', and 'how intensive'. I have an opportunity to learn from this stage the potential strength of the couple in problem solving, managing conflict, and their communication patterns. The Life Coach role is the leading one here.

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Phase 3: The Challenge Starting a new job, dealing with unemployment or the unfortunate occurrence of an accident or family illness are events that allow me to assess how strong the relationship is. It is fair to say that challenges are usually unwanted but nevertheless necessary for the couple if they really want to know what to expect from each other. I also need to know these expectations also. Raising children is a positive challenge; I definitely need to know how it reflects each partners' qualities and their value system and ability to prioritize the family's future needs. I'm a typical Marriage Counseling professional here...

Phase 4: The Crossroads When a couple reaches this stage they have experienced a number of challenges (e.g. medical or money problems). In addition, more life decisions will be made (e.g. to have children, where to live, spending habits). This stage is different from the Challenge Phase because the couple has learned how each responds to these situations. This is the stage in which I learn how mature their emotional patterns are in dealing with their differences. It is most common at this stage for serious problems to develop. Typically, I expect to hear one or more from the following three: debates and regrets regarding the relationship, emotional withdrawal as a survival mechanism and attempts to force the other person to drastically change. When both individuals clearly see this progression I am able to offer a therapeutic strategy. Here I can fully exercise my role as a Relationship Advice provider.

Phase 5: Rebirth (New marriage lifestyle) 70-75% of all couples whom I have counseled have reached this positive stage of a "new beginning". At this point, folks really know the person they have married; couples feel once again appreciated and loved. It is my scientific Psychologist role practice to arrange a one-year follow-up consultation either in person or by phone to gather the qualitative as well as quantitative data in order to identify the couples' continued ability to positively communicate with each other their disappointments, hurts, frustrations and most importantly their sexual intimacy.

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