Whether we admit it or not, as human beings, we love to do something fun and pleasurable, it’s human nature to want self-gratification. And sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we play games to experience self-gratification. If you really think about it, it really makes sense, we spend our childhood playing games, were they just primers for the games we play as adults? And no matter how we co-exist harmoniously, men and women treat their relationship as a big chess match- strategy moves, counter moves, all designed to keep their opponent off balance. Both men and women are guilty of these games.

This time, however, I am going to share with you the compiled cruel and beastly games women play that drive men crazy. A very important relationship advice for women, whether you are in a committed relationship or not, it’s best to avoid these cruel things women do to men, if you don’t want to scare them away this Halloween season.

Giving away fake numbers. Some girls do this because it easier than telling a man that they’re not interested. This can be a bummer for a boy who had his hopes up and thought he had his “game” on, but when he dialed your number, it’s some Chinese restaurant taking his order.

Emotionally manipulate men. Most guys cannot stand seeing a woman cry, and unfortunately, some females out there intentionally shed a tear or throw a tantrum to get their way. They are undoubtedly, taking advantage of men’s incomprehensible understanding of women’s feelings.

Don’t tell you their relationship status. Some girls enjoy the flirtation and flattery that they let it linger a littler longer.

And just when a man is ready to make a move to ask for her number, she tells him “I have a boyfriend.”

For the sake of free drinks. Some women go out never planning to spend their own money; instead they use their feminine guile to sway guys to buy their refreshments. This is definitely one of the wily things women do to men.

Use you men as spare tire. This is for females who are afraid of confrontations and terrified to be alone. Usually a man is totally clueless what’s going on until she leaves him for another guy. She would hold on to his current lover for a while until she is secured enough to be with her new guy.

Inflict physical violence. Decent men are brought up with the idea that hitting a woman is total no-no! Unfortunately, there are some females out there who take advantage of this. They use this to gain power over a man, because they know that he is not capable of hitting back. Definitely one of the nastiest things women do.

Criticize their men in public. This may be one of the cruel things women do, degrade your man in public and don’t be surprised if he slowly alienates you in his life.

Test their men. This is also one of the things women do that drive men crazy. This is where she usually uses the “if you really love me…” line. She will let you cancel your poker night, your boy's night-out or whatever your plans are, just to be with her.

Flirts around to make you jealous. Maybe she feels unappreciated or you just had a big fight or she just enjoys seeing that tormented look in your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt with other guys in front of their boyfriends are absolutely manipulative.

Withholding sex. A classic, and frequently used, cruel things women do. For most men, sex is like air. So withholding sex to get what you want or punishes him with his transgression is really a dreadful thing to do, no matter how affective it is.

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