Gentleman Sportsman
Imran Khan is Asia’s most successful cricket captain and in the top ten of most well-known sportsmen in this continent.

Gentle Giant
Blessed with more than his fair share of charisma, charm, affability, eloquence and powerful, driven passion, Imran is a legend in the cricketing world, spanning the globe all the way from Australia to England. Founder of a renowned cancer hospital, he is also an enigma on the medical map too. Imran’s never-say-die brand of success comes from the 12 principles revealed here.

1. Making the Impossible Possible!
The first way to make a dream possible is to realize, accept and act upon your dreams. Your mission is to make what is impossible, possible. The power of your mind is what you need to discover – you can only develop this power by setting yourself challenges and overcoming them.

2. Failure can be the Best Teacher
Provided you do not get demoralized, failure can be the best teacher. Be the best critic of yourself. To achieve the impossible depends on how you handle the bad times.

3. Develop the Winner in You
True winners have a special quality – they never give up and can cope with the bad times. How you handle the bad times has a great effect on success.

4. The Bigger the Goal the more Setbacks
When there are setbacks, there is a big temptation to scale down your ambitions. Knowing this you must never scale down during setbacks. Whenever you have a big goal or take the untrodden path – you will face setbacks and failures. The people who win in the end never give up. You only lose when you give up. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will find strength within you.

5. Never compromise your dreams
Don’t fall into the biggest trap and that is compromising on your dreams and ambitions. Never compromise on your dreams and ambitions when you are in a vulnerable position. It is a fatal mistake.

6. Capitalize on Your Education
Whatever the level of your education, this is what you should have achieved and that is the ability to analyze yourself. This is what education really should do for you! Education should give you the ability to analyze your thoughts very well.

The True Benefit of Education
So many people miss the wood for the trees when it comes to education. Missing the wood is an expression to mean you miss the real point, and the real point of education is to develop the ability to analyze yourself in a constructive, beneficial way that allows you to move on.

7. Make your Mistakes Stepping Stones
Assess and analyze your mistakes and then they become stepping stones. Be the best critic of yourself. Each time you have a set back – analyse and work hard to eliminate the mistake. Often you create a bigger problem when you have a setback if your scale down your ambitions. This is the biggest trap. In a state of vulnerability, you will make a fatal mistake if you scale down your ambitions.

8. The Secret of Success
Never scale down your dreams. This is secret of success. Most people fail or don’t achieve their full potential when they compromise on their dreams and scale down their ambitions. There will be times of weakness. There will be times when you will be vulnerable. Don’t make the fatal mistake of scaling down. This is the time to put in place a coping mechanism of analyzing and critiquing what you are and should be doing. The more you challenge yourself the more strength you will find in yourself. The secret is to never give up – you only lose when you give up. Learn how to handle the bad and vulnerable times – this is exactly the time when you don’t give up or scale down on your ambitions and actions.

9. Mentor Magic and What Should Never Enter Your mind
Mentors or inspirational people help one to develop dreams. Imran Khan watched his older cousin score a century and he made up his mind at the age of nine to be a test cricketer. Never did it enter his mind that he would not become a test cricketer. Whatever your dreams are – never let it enter your mind that you can’t achieve your dreams.

10. Remodel to suit your ambition
The mind is what is the power in a human being. The more you challenge yourself the more strength you will find inside. Remodel your actions to suit your ambitions. You can only discover the power of your mind when you look inside and challenge yourself.

11. Make your own policies – overcome the fear of losing
There will be opportunities. If you are looking to win then you can grab those moments. Whatever your dreams are, never think you won’t achieve it. Never let it enter your mind that you won’t achieve it. Never let the fear of losing stop you. Make your own policies but never take into account fear such as the fear of losing.
Never put in your mind that you won’t achieve it.

12. There are no short cuts in life
You have to go through the process because it is the process that makes you and strengthens you. There are no shortcuts in life. Each time you fall pick yourself up – develop this as a mechanism so that you never give up on your mission (which is your ambition). Keep your focus on your goals and ambitions The greater the ambition the greater hard work you have to do. There is no quick way of achieving anything great – it is the process. It the process that makes and strengthens you and each time you fall you come back stronger. The secret is to never give up and to develop a mechanism to overcome the setbacks and vulnerable times.

B: Believe in your dreams, remodel your mind and actions to align with your dreams and then go full speed ahead and achieve it. Believe that the best talent is within you and beam it out to the world. Be the best teacher and constructive critic
L: Let your imagination run riot when it comes to formulating your dreams, plans, actions, desires, goals and distil it all into a glorious mission that you work to achieve.
E: Energize yourself with lofty challenges and never-say-die attitudes toward your dreams, ambitions and goals.
S: Strengthen yourself with ambitions and goals that inspire you.
S: Success comes to those who know that life has ups and downs and how you handle both has a great effect on success. Successfully implement an effective coping mechanism for the downs!
I: Insha’Allah (God willing) you can achieve it all and certainly so much if you decide upon your dreams and remodel yourself to achieve them.
N: Never let fear and giving up enter your mind – never ever!
G: Get cracking. Get moving and keeping the moving going.
S: Summing it all up – the secret is to never give up and to develop effective mechanisms to overcome the setbacks and vulnerable times.

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