I want you to try an experiment. This will take just 10 minutes. There is something important that will come out of this for you to realize.
First, turn your cell phone off and your computer off and leave it off for 10 minutes, print this page out first. You cannot cheat on this experiment. You have to go the full ten minutes. Now, don’t be tempted to grab it and turn it on. Don’t make up excuses about expecting an important phone call or email.
Now, get a clock, a watch, stand by your coffee pot, or the stove, and make sure you are waiting the full ten minutes. Now while you are waiting, just relax and take a deep breath. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and now exhale. Do this a couple of times and we will begin.
Now, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Great, you are ready to start. Now draw a line down the middle of the page. On one side of the paper title it Always and on the other side put Always Meaning-No Time. Now I want you to sit down and think about everyone that has crossed your life path in some way or another and has touched your heart. Now, put the name in the category that they belong in. If you always talk to that person, then they belong in the Always side, if you were Always Meaning to call them, but you never seemed to have the time, put them in that category.
This applies to family, friends, old co-workers, old neighbors, members at church, etc. Have you often thought about someone who has had a profound effect on your life? Which category would they go in?
Ok, I know it’s bugging you, you think of a name or two and then you look at your cell phone or your computer. This is such an important project for you that you really should devote a little more time and effort into it. What about your bowling, or golfing buddy? What ever happened to him/her? What category would they fit under?
The point is, we have very busy lives. Some days our intentions are to visit or call that person that you think about. Things happen and plans get changed. We know because everyone has their own busy agenda to adhere to. Here’s an example; trying to plan a party in the summer. With birthdays, graduations, vacations, etc., the date will probably be changed a couple of times or some people that you want to attend, just won’t be able to.
There is no time like the present to accomplish things. This project is one of them. As long as you’re going through your phone list, it’s a great idea to double check addresses and emails, just in case anything has changed. Now, go ahead and turn on your computer and your cell phone. Who you reach out to might just put a huge smile on their face and a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart. Stay in touch!

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