1st OCT – 31st OCT

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, in developed and developing,
low & middle-income countries. It has been seen from the past few years, the
incidence of breast cancer is rising due to an increase in life expectancy, increased
urbanization (development) and adoption of the western lifestyle.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked or organized every October in different
countries across the world. This campaign helps to increase attention & support for
awareness, early detection treatment & prevention of this disease.

If breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, there are chances that it can be
cured with proper treatment. But, If it is detected later in life, the chances to cure
becomes less. In such cases, patients need their families for support and palliative
treatment. It has been seen that the majority of deaths by breast cancer occur in
low and middle-income countries due to the lack of awareness in women, they have
been detected with breast cancer in late stages.

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