The parameters of our life would have also not undergone any change over time since it had been developed the same way as the relative position of all the so-called “fixed stars” in the sky has not undergone any change since then. As a matter of fact, their relative position has not undergone any change even since thousands of years nor the time taken by various astrological planets to go around the Sun has ever changed nor the major and minor abscissas of their orbits would have ever changed.

So though we can calculate what positions they shall occupy after how many years or after how many months or how many days it is not so in the case of our life. We can’t possibly calculate what may happen in our life the same way since the positions of the fixed stars or the speeds or the orbits of the astrological planets are not changing at the speed our life is changing its speed and hue.

For instance, though in the past if wanted to know what was written in which book we could have found what was written in it only if got a copy of the book in our hands but today we can find out what may have been written in it even by pressing a few keys here and there on the smartphones we carry with us in our hands using Internet facility, instantly.

In the past, we would have not been able to know our exact location on the sea if we were sailing across a sea but today we can very easily ascertain our exact position through a GPS facility, instantly.

We could have not survived in the past if our kidneys or our liver would have stopped working or our heart would have stopped working, but today it is not so. We can get them transplanted through surgery.

In the past we could have no way found out what had happened where across the world till we did not get a newspaper in our hands but not anymore. Today we can instantly know what may have happened where.

In the past, we could have not gone overseas more than once or twice in our entire life but today we can take breakfast in our house, our lunch in some other country, and dinner yet in some other country even daily if we opted to do so.

So the entire data the astrologers had collected in the past to predict what could happen in our lives under various positions of the fixed stars or various astrological planets has become more testable.

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