Plain and simple, really. If there are areas of your life that steal your energy physically, mentally and emotionally you can’t expect to be able to take care of your own body, your own feelings, your own wants and needs in regard to your health and wellness goals until you begin to take care of areas of your life that suck the energy right out of you. By putting into place a system that works with your lifestyle, you can begin to sort out, get rid of and make sense of your mayhem and then put your hard earned energy to work in places that actually work for you and not against you.

It truly is amazing when you begin to take care of disarray what doors can open up for you due to the lightening of your mind, the creation of peace and the lack of disorder in your everyday life. Does it take effort on your part? Yes. Does it require you to spend time doing things that you wish you possibly didn’t have to spend time doing? Yes. Stop for a moment and think to yourself how much easier you will be able to breathe and focus on your prospective opportunities when you have taken care of baggage. Why not:

~Make three separate lists with the following titles: Home, Personal, and Business. Seeing your inventory on paper will make it easier to stay on task and avoid setting yourself up to feel overwhelmed. Remember now that these lists are ongoing and there is no reason to feel like you must complete them all at once. Use your lists as a guide for your future.

~Take one list at a time and write down any unfinished business that needs to be addressed. No item is too small or too big to be documented. First get it written and then get it taken care off.

~Be thorough, stay focused and maintain continuity; approach one task at a time, tackle it and check it off your list. It’s amazing the sense of accomplishment that comes along with crossing off items that have been achieved and it also spurs motivation for the next task at hand.

~You have the rest of your life to complete your lists, no stress; be patient with yourself and take each activity as it comes. Do the best you can to follow through with your specific mission before you move on to the next, this will help you avoid juggling too many balls at once and promote success.
You will discover that as you accomplish each task you’ll open a new door of energy and be able to tackle your health and wellness goals more efficiently and effectively.

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