There is plenty of uncertainty prevailing around the world in business, technology, science, and many other fields. Employer companies are persistently trying to cope with the changes in human capital like hiring, engagement and attrition rates, etc. Job seekers need to understand their core areas and continuously improve upon them to shine in their respective fields. Managers need to create a positive environment around the office and deliver them positive news and create a positive environment in the workspace. This should be a standard across all jobs in Nigeria. They need to hold an incessant group meeting and motivate the people with good news and positivity. Their performance should be pointed out that it doesn’t emotionally hurt any individual.
There could be several alternatives to retain and develop talented individuals in
jobs in africa The approach of seniors while measuring the performances should be such that they encourage and push employees for their continuous development. They should confront the employees with reality about their positions in the organizations. Employees wait for their feedback at regular intervals. Feedback promotes many other attributes in employees since they motivate the people to learn new skills for continuous improvement in their perspective careers. It’s time companies should realize that humans are the most valuable resource in the workspace. If you want to attract and attain talented individuals the companies need to care and show empathy to their emotional and psychological requirements.

When seniors indulge in performance feedback and management they should work together keeping in consideration the interests of employees and organizations alike. They should promote mutual development and organizational goals. It includes continuous assessment of employees’ work, feedback, process assessment, etc.
Feedback should be comprehended in the right way even by the employees. They should consider the following points in the performance feedback process:

• It gives the chance to an employee to present their achievements and endeavors to the right persons and get what they deserve.
• It is a standard set by the organization to evaluate its performance against some benchmarks.
• Organizations also look at the psychological aspect of employees through performance feedback.
• There is a sharing of all kinds of feedback in this process.
• It also emphasis on developing the skills of employees, so that they can grow as individuals.

They are several things that make you a good manager:

1. Trust and emotion capabilities:
In today’s scenario, employees are already burdened with a plethora of work and stringent deadlines. They can be facing problems on an emotional level as well. Managers need to be a trustable person. They should ask employees if there are any sort of problems that they are facing on the job. The manager should take off any stress that individuals face daily in their work environment. A manager should also nurture a relationship with his subordinates beyond the workspace. This way a manager will be able to deal with any problematic situations among co-workers and promote a healthy work environment.

2. The manager should be honest
People often tend to follow their seniors who lead by example. So, if you are being honest with your juniors about the work requirements, deadlines, etc. There is a probability that they are going to trust you even more over time. If you share honest reviews about their performance and shortcomings. People will trust you with their problems and will look out a solution from you. Nowadays, working professionals are intelligent and smart. They can comprehend easily if the manager deserve the position they are working in. If a doubt prevails in their mind, they are less likely to trust the directions of their senior.

3. Manager should be smart
A manager should be smart enough to deal with different types of individuals. A manager should be strict too when the time comes. There are different types of individuals in a workspace with whom a manager is confronted with daily. They need to analyze and form a plan to deal with different co-workers and team members.

4. Act like mentors

The manager should be kind-hearted as well. They should act like a teacher and mentor at times. Mentoring involves kindness when employees are not able to meet their goals. Motivating them whenever they are feeling down. A manager should act as a catalyst in the performance of their juniors.
They should be a means for juniors to achieve their goals.

1. Follow an approach where people comes first

• success of a company is equivalent to the happiness factor of the employee. A manager is always surrounded by people are talented, skilled, kind and enlightened. If a manager gives special priority to his subordinates, then they tend to give extra at work. The manager should always adopt an approach that involves coaching the juniors in the right way. A manager should also aim to increase value to the life of their co-workers.

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Mrs. Kaesi is an expert HR professional working with different clients spread across the length and breadth of African continent. She is adept in analyzing the trends of African job market and possess an expertise in analyzing and reporting any changing trends in African union Jobs.