I believe in authenticity. It’s a great gift to the world to be yourself.

I also think that sometimes a persona is helpful.

The dictionary defines a persona:
1. A voice or character representing the speaker in a literary work.

2. The characters in a dramatic or literary work.

3. The role that one assumes or displays in public or society; one’s public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self.

I like to think it as a little play acting, a game of pretend to move yourself to action.

I was talking with some friends about the upcoming trial and someone suggested I be Jackie O while I am there. This made me feel calmer about the trial.

Sometimes I’ll think of myself as my bubbly sister when I feel extra shy.

Often we have a one dimensional view of ourselves. "I’m not really a nature gal." "I don’t do roller coasters." "I’m just not the active type."

Let’s say you have this great work opportunity that will help your career and help people. All you have to do is give a speech. If you are stuck in the thought, "I always get stage fright and I am bad at public speaking," you may miss on this opportunity. But, picture yourself as Tony Robbins giving a speech. Pretending can give you that confidence.

Or maybe you have a bunch of research. You think you are really bad at research and don’t like it at all. Think what would your favorite writer do? Or perhaps Sherlock Holmes?

I like to bring up my happy homemaker persona to clean with, because I tend to not like to clean. When I see cleaning from her point of view – to show love to the household – I can clean more joyfully.

Can you think of someplace you are stuck? What persona could help you move forward?

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I help the overwhelmed create saner, simpler lives. I deliver...

Untamed possibility. Breathe easier simplicity. Hope.
On the wings of understanding and encouragement.
Step by step breaking down from “no way! “ to “why not?”

I’ve helped people declutter & organize, lose weight, learn to manage time, gain self-confidence, learn to focus, practice self care and simplify their lives so they can do what’s most important to them and their family. I love giving hope to people that come to me thinking it can’t be done. I was not born organized, I’ve had to learn the skills. Things like overcoming perfectionism and procrastination. And knowing what is for dinner before 5pm.