At one point of your life you may need to find a psychotherapist in order to deal with your personal problems and mental insecurities. No matter what your problem is, as you might already know, it’s always best to look for a better therapist who can help you go through your issues more easily and with less hassles and hardships. But how would you find a good therapist ? Isn’t that difficult if you have no experience.
Worry not, there are some basic things you can learn quickly that will allow you to find a better therapist for your needs. You might not already know this , but the most crucial things about how good a psychotherapist (or as we say in Denmark - profesionelle psyko terapeut is , are not the techniques and theories he knows, but rather the way he can communicate with his patient. A good psychotherapist is in good relations with his patients and is perfectly capable of understanding and treating his problems.
So back to the original question, how do you make sure the psychotherapist you’re going to choose will be the one right for you ? There are a couple of things you should clear with yourself before starting the search. For example , one of them is whether you’d be more comfortable with a male or female psychotherapist. That limits your searching process a lot. The next thing you need to clarify is whether you need someone with a more passive or a more active approach to your problems, which means you need to know whether you want to be listened to more or to be given advice by your therapist.
So, what can you ask your therapist that will enable you to know all the details necessary for you to make your choice ? There are several crucial questions you can ask , things like “How long have you been practicing ?” or “What specific theory/modality do you prefer? “. Those will be helpful for determining whether this therapist has a more passive or active approach. The only problem is you’ll have to research a bit around the Internet to know what the different theories and therapies are and how they work.
Choosing a therapist also involves a financial side. Most of us are limited by the amount of money we can reasonably spend on therapy, so in order to know more about that , you also need to ask the question of how the therapist has organized his fees. Most really good psychotherapists will have higher fees, but some of them accept insurance, and if you’re insured that’s a good thing to ask – whether the therapist accepts insurance and which particular forms.
On the subject of how to find enough psychotherapists in order to sift through them , there are many and different methods – one of them being the internet, another – the yellow pages and the most important one – word of mouth. If you have a friend or several friends who have been to therapy, ask them about who they were treated by and how it went.

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My name is Sawas Dee and I currently reside in Denmark. I have a profound interest in psychology. If you want to know more about me, please drop me a message.