What is Image?
By dictionary definition, image is: a)form; appearance; semblance b)the general or public perception of a company, public figure, etc., especially as achieved by careful calculation aimed at creating widespread goodwill.

It's not even a question, we all want to look good and feel good. We want to be seen and heard today more than ever. Both of those two desires can bring great opportunities or the total opposite. We want to show our great works and make good money doing it.However, many independent professionals are not making good money on what they love to do, because of how they represent both themself and their company. The image they present does not align with who they are and what they do. So how do you develop your image to speak authenticly about you? How do you power up your image?

Power Your Image
What are you holding onto that you refuse to let go of?
As humans we collect things, and in that collection of things, we collect feelings, especially negative or bad feelings. Each of those feelings attaches itself onto the outer image of a person , and it shows in a big way. A pattern forms and presents to others these bad emotions sending the wrong impression/ or message and you may be unaware of this. Taking the time to finding out what things you are holding onto is the first step in developing your image. Facing your fears, whether its rejection, stage fright, insecurities, whatever it is, you must deal with it and clear these feelings by letting them go. This steps also helps you to find out who you are, how you truly feel, what your passion is, what is it that you love to do, and finding out what's your life's purpose.

Next, is to really understand what you offer, what do you do exactly, what are your talents and skills. Write it out on paper.
This helps you to go deep inside and really look at yourself, like looking in the mirror. This also helps you to identify right away what things pull or tug at you. Usually this( or these)is what you should focus on.

Next get some magazines, old or new, and cut out all that applies to what you like to do or offer. Also cut out people you identify with or something there you like about them-- it can be their hair style, makeup, clothing,shoes or what they do for a living, or how they look and present themself. Take those pictures, paste onto a board and hang in your office or where you will see it daily. This board represents the new you and a map to help you get to your Image Destination.

These exercises are to get you thinking more about who you are and connecting with who you are. That connection to self is very important for growing self and empowering your total self. Image is the refection of the inner you. To change or enhance your outer image, is to develop the inner image, the inner self. No amount of clothes, make up, and hair styles is going to make your image any better. It takes a systematic process that's implemented everyday to building and powering up your image consistently and successfully. Only then, the tools to enhance your outer image, such as makeup, hair products, clothing and accessories, plus showmanship, will truly enhance and create a signature style that will Power Your Image successfully.
Starting today, do these simple exercises and begin the process of defining your image so that you can authenticly represent you and your company in a progressive and successful way to attract the right clients and increase the possiblities to make more money. Power Your Image Today!

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Najaam Lee, CEO.Creative Director and Stylist with www.VedicImage.com, Vedic Image Group. She's also the founder of VIG Image Development(R) Program, which assists clients, and independent professionals create a Signature Look-The Attractive Public Image, for greater success, increase self-confidence and make more money.

This article is an original, created, developed and written piece by Najaam Lee, of Vedic Image Group, VedicImage.com . Any questions or for more information about empowering and developing your image, please visit www.VedicImage.com Thank you!