Every good spiritual advisor makes predictions for the coming year. Would I be remiss if I did not? Of course; so I will.

1. The American people will stop sitting by while politicians play with their lives like Lego toys. Politicians in the next two years will discover that the Americans of today expect their elected officials to actually do what they were sent to Washington to do and NOT what THEY want to do.

2. The weather will continue to be unpredictable for the next two years. The temperature fluctuation will be one of the things that causes ordinary people to consider better ways to heat and cool their houses. Solar energy will become even more important in the next year.

3. Spirituality will become one of the most important things in people's lives.

4.The Federal Reserve's power will be curtailed.

5. An American President will die.

6. A uprising among people under thirty years of age will be caused when internet access is briefly cut off by governmental intervention.

7. A person claiming to be the grandchild of Hitler and Evau Braun will come forward and tell the world what really happened to Hitler at the end of WWII.

8.DNA tests will be available at the local drug store for less than $20.

9. Visitors from other planets will appear in multiple countries at the same time and announce they are here to help us save our planet.

10. America will decide to secure its borders against illegal entry. There will not be a law that gives immunity to Aliens who are already in the U.S. but those who can prove they have lived here for more than ten years; never had any legal problems; held down a job; contributed to the U.S. in a positive manner will be allowed to "fast track" their citizenship.

11. The Constitution will be amended so that children born on our shores are not automatically citizens. The parents will have to be American citizens or already be legally in the U.S. seeking citizenship.

12. Al-Queda leaders will admit they have "sleeper cells" in every major metropolitan city in the WORLD ready to be activated with just a few words.

Those are my predictions for 2011.

Author's Bio: 

P.D. Rivers has been a freelance writer for more than 30 years. She has a long record of ghostwriting gigs for people who just don't have the right words to say what they want to say. She has been a student of the spiritual and esoteric since she was 12 years old.