Press releases can really help in increasing a website’s traffic and revenue. This means that you have to look for high quality websites to submit your releases. Some of these are paid but there are a vast majority of free press release platforms that you can use. Press release distribution free is very important because most of these platforms have a very high SERP ranking. That being said, there are a few things to look for when choosing suitable platforms for your press release distribution free.
First off, the platforms should have a high Google page rank and high Alexa traffic rank. These high rankings mean that the site has been operational for a long time and therefore created a well optimized site with high quality traffic. This means that your press release distribution free will be very successful because a large number of people will get to read your articles.
Another important thing to look for on these press release platforms is a secure login. Gravitating towards platforms with secure logins allows you to increase your online security because you can prevent unauthorized access into your account. A secure login also shows that the press release distribution free will be more effective because the platform will be able to easily track activity and therefore improve the service.
You should also consider the approval time when looking for platforms to use on your press release distribution free. A short approval time means that your press release will be more relevant to readers and therefore increasing the amount of shares and therefore traffic. The platforms to use for your press release distribution free should have an approval time of one day or less. In that respect, the press release platforms should have guidelines that show what kind of releases are acceptable. Reading through these guidelines before submission will help increase the chances of approval therefore ensuring success for your press release distribution free.
Another thing to consider in these platforms is the kind of media that is accepted in the press release. A press release with a pictures and videos will get a higher readership than one of plain text. Press release distribution free usually has the aim of getting the most amount of traffic to an article meaning that you should use PR platforms that allow a wide range of media in the releases. This information is usually found in the ‘about us’ section or in the terms and conditions.
Finally, opt for platforms that have a ranking algorithm that allow all press releases to enjoy their fair share of exposure. You will not want your press release to be unseen just because it is of a certain category, it is new etc. Effective press release distribution free is seen in platforms that guarantee a position in the home page after a given amount of time. Also, some PR platforms allow readers to gauge the quality of the press releases. This means that the better quality your work is, the higher the traffic it will receive.

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