Pro-athletes have mastered the skill of getting 'in the zone', firing on all cylinders and winning the game. Why is it, then, so many trip up, drop the ball and feel like they've lost in the game of life? Here are the hard facts:

• According to Sports Illustrated (SI) 78% of NFL players go bankrupt. 
• In the NBA, about 60% of players become broke within 5years of league withdrawal.
• Athletes have a high rate of risky behavior that results in legal trouble: drug abuse, reckless driving, gambling & promiscuity. 
Divorce rates among the athletic elite hover somewhere between 60-80%
• Some pro athlete personality characteristics that enhance game performance also contribute to getting them in trouble.
• Among professional athletes out-of-wedlock births are epidemic resulting in multiple costly & stressful paternity suits.  

Its a simple reflection of wherever you go there you are. Many athletes grew up in the challenging (if not dangerous) rough and tumble of an inner city environment or an unhealthy family environment for a child from an emotional intelligence perspective. One can physically leave an unemotionally impoverished childhood through excellence in athletic endeavors. However, if a player's mindset doesn't also shift profoundly to mirror its new environment he hasn't really left his old neighborhood - way of being - in terms of what he creates in his experience.

Metaphorically, water seeks its own level. If your inner being is still emotionally and spiritually impoverished in the way it shows up to the issues of life your outer world will revert back to the level of that status. The issues we deal with are never the real issue. The real issue is how we show up to our issues, how we relate to ourselves and our self-worth at our deepest core.

When we live 'in the zone', completely aligned with what we value most we continue to enjoy the highest return on that investment. When we think we can buy our way into self esteem, validation and recognition we bankrupt ourselves. When we invest in our highest ideals instead of our unhealthy ego we enrich our life from the inside out as we enrich the lives of others.

The life you lead is the ultimate legacy you leave. With the potential to be an all-star in every area of life, will you be one of the broke, divorced and jailed or will you be worthy, wealthy and wise beyond the game - beyond your athletic career? Will your positive impact upon those you love and the world be a short lived or life long? The choice is yours. 

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