You have a talented, brilliant child. You want to give her the best possible start to life. You send her to the finest schools, buy all the expensive language programs, and drive her to ballet class and soccer practice. Still you wonder, “Am I doing enough?”

Or, maybe you have the opposite situation. Maybe your child is a natural-born troublemaker. You can’t take him out in public without fearing a scene or tantrum. You’ve tried method after method to correct his behavior. Still, you can’t seem to instill the right values in him. You feel like a failure.

Opposite ends of the spectrum. Some parents experience them both within their own families, or even with the same child at different times. Whether you’re looking to jump-start your child’s life or set a wayward kid on the right track, though, the answer may lie in creative visualization and relaxation (CVR).

Though creative visualization has long been considered an adult realm for making positive changes and creating success, some CVR experts are now looking into CVR as a way to prepare the next generation for unprecedented levels of health and success. CVR is a powerful tool for preparation as well as change, for moving into the future as well as dealing with the past. Based on that, CVR audio series use guided imagery, storytelling and positive affirmation to help children see a peaceful and harmonious world where everyone is capable of winning.

Creative visualization’s effects can also be enhanced by the use of brain entrainment—or light and sound—technology. Brain entrainment technology uses special glasses and earphones to deliver gentle pulses of light and sound that simulate relaxed brainwave frequencies. One 20-minute session guides the listener, child or adult, to profound levels of relaxation known for focus, learning, achievement and healing. One session is also equal to four hours of sleep, which gives parents children who are well rested as well as well-adjusted.

The technology behind light and sound machines isn’t child’s play, but using it is. Most modern brain entrainment technology comes with everything you need to get your child started right away. Some can now plug into any MP3 player…and your child probably knows how to use one of those!

When used in combination with CVR audio recordings, light and sound technology makes instilling good habits in children as easy as flying a kite. Now, with 20 minutes of daily down time, your child can build optimism, develop the habit of honesty (no more, “Who took the cookies?!”) and practice patience. With the values of love, compassion, adaptability and even the love of exercise at his fingertips, there’s may be no measure of success too great for your child to achieve.

Is mind technology just for adults? Maybe not. It may be time to visualize a better, brighter future for your child.

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Di Salvo is a freelance writer with more than a decade of writing experience. She works frequently with Dr. Patrick Porter, who is the author of a number of books on mind technology including the award-winning Awaken the Genius and his new release, Thrive in Overdrive. He is the creator the ZenFrames Portable Achievement Device. Learn more at