You are reading this article right now because of the Law of Attraction, a universal law that promises, “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” You are resonating or vibrating in a way that is in sync with the information I’m sharing here with you.

In my Reflexology and Life Coaching practice I explain to my clients that when we
experience positive feelings and allow without any resistance what we desire, we discover our true Power. Whether it’s a better job, a new relationship, wellness, financial freedom or new adventures, being happy and mindful–fully present ‘right now’–opens the door to whatever we desire.

Stress, anger, resentment, jealousy, feelings of scarcity and other negative feelings create vibrations that only attract more negative experiences. The Law of Attraction states that only when you are relaxed and in a good feeling place are you in a vibrational state to attract what you desire. You get what you expect, what you’re feeling and what you focus on.

Reflexology is a powerful tool to help you deeply relax, release negative thoughts and feelings, and shift your vibration to allow in what you desire. A Reflexology session is a nurturing and loving experience, designed especially to help you ‘remember’ who you are.

And when you do start to remember, you begin to re-discover youthful energy, focus, and a sense of wonder that empowers you to attract your goals.

Imagine lying under a snuggly blanket on a cushy massage table in a dimly lit, cozy room with mellow music playing. As your Reflexologist works on your feet, hands, ears and face, you deeply relax, let go and enter a trance-like state (similar to being in a hypnotic trance) where you are open to suggestions you give yourself–things you most desire in your life right now. Soothing the thousands of nerves in your feet alone (nearly 15,000 of them) enervate each organ, gland and part of your body. Reflexology helps open these nerve pathways, creating calming, balancing, energizing and cleansing effects. The result?

Improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and having much more of
what you desire in your life.

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Laura Norman, a leading authority in Reflexology for over 40 years, author of the best-selling Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology and Life Wellness Coach, has Wellness and Training in Delray Beach FL, New York City, Charlotte NC and New England. To schedule a private and to register for Laura Norman Reflexology Workshops and Training Programs, call 561-272- 212-532-4404, email, and visit Laura’s web site at