In recent years, retro decoration has returned dynamically in fashion and is the must in decorating the house. Designers prefer it and there are now countless ideas to get your house into a vintage look, without necessarily spending a lot of money. What is important is to understand what really makes our home decoration as retro. So, we can decorate all the spaces of the house with selective changes and careful pieces, without having to change the whole house!

First of all, you need to pay high attention to the furniture, the colors, the fabrics and the accessories. Choose furniture in intense angles, shining colors like green, yellow and pink. You can still select geometric patterns on fabrics and walls (floral and motifs), a combination of white and black, as well as pop art accessories and floral.

Retro kitchen
The way to transform your kitchen into a retro style is firstly placing white curved wooden cabinets. Even if you do not have this financial ability to change all your cupboards, you can make changes to the existing furniture.
Metal chairs with leather or intense patterns in the fabric and metal table will give you a sense of 50's in your kitchen. You can also add some Kitchen Tiles Inspiration that have particularly intense geometric patterns, patterns and colors.

Retro living room
The furniture that will give your living room a retro character is the ones with its intense lines and curves. You can place a glass corner table with rounded corners and wooden armchairs with rounded edges. You can also choose wooden living room tables with sharp corners, rounded sofas in bright yellow, green, red, or floral design. These are the furniture that you will need to have at first in order to achieve the style you want.

One more way to get the retro style in the living room is to change the accessories, if you don’t want to change the furniture. Change the pillows on the sofa, the paintings on the wall and replace them with new ones in bright colors and geometric motifs. These will make the classic white sofa look vintage.

Placing wallpaper in the wall can make your living room look retro and vintage too. Wallpaper in green and floral patterns will completely change your living room. However, care is needed if your living room is small, as bright wallpaper will burden the space in the eye. Beware also in the choice of decorative, because the combination of many vintage pieces will be exaggerated.

Retro bedroom
If you are a fan of retro decoration, the bedroom is maybe the most important space to decorate. The purely personal space where we spend time to relax and enjoy the environment we have created. We decorate it primarily to satisfy us and then all the others, since in essence, we only spend time in our bedroom.

There are many ideas for a retro bedroom. If you like flowers and romantic style, you can put them on the wall as wallpaper and on the curtains as well as on the beds of your bed.

Pop art is also a dynamic trend with intense green walls, pop art paintings by Andy Warhol and bright colors in bedroom accessories to contrast (red glasses, yellow pillows).

Finally, for Indian style lovers, you can choose furniture with intense motifs and colors and combine them with soft beige on the walls and on the sheets so they will not get tired in the eye.

Retro decoration is a gorgeous choice that follows fashion trends, but needs attention to combinations in order to avoid excesses. Flowers, bold colors and geometric patterns are the means if you want to achieve the retro decoration in your own house.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.