Sarvang Infotech India Ltd (SIIL) won the Vendus – 2018 Award for the “Best Services in Digital Media and App Development” for its marvelous performance in this field. The VENDUS 2018 was organized by the prestigious Vedanta Resources Ltd as a celebratory day to appreciate it’s support systems and Balco extended gratitude for the same.

This Balco Business Partners meet at VENDUS 2018 was organized on 21st September 2018, at VW Canyon, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. This interactive meet endured a great session with achieving personals and remarked as a day of celebration with the vision to Transform Relationships and Transform Business for the greater good.

Balco invited all the business partners to the event, which cherishes the strong partnerships and further strengthens the bond between the corporate. To further applaud the team, Balco awarded certification to its partners for being the best in their industry sector and providing value to Balco.

Some of the important Award titles that were awarded included -The Best Custom House Agent, Long Term Business Partnership in O&M Category, Best Services in Digital Media, and App Development.

The Best Services in Digital Media and App Development certification award was grabbed by Sarvang Infotech, which is a top-notch IT and App Development company headquartered in Korba, Chhattisgarh.

SIIL has been providing the best solutions for end-to-end IT Consultancy, Enterprise Solutions, App & Web Development, SAP Consultancy, and Digital Marketing services to Balco for more than 8 years. Sarvang has its offices in Malaysia, Nigeria, and at multiple locations across India and has served more than 1000+ clients of different sectors since 2005.

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SIIL is an IT Enterprise company in India also having its presence in Malaysia and Nigeria. We offer services of Mobile Application Development, Software Development, Web Solutions, Portal Development, IT Consultancy and Data and Voice Marketing in different industry sectors across the globe.