The Secret Recipe to the Perfect Seaweed Bath

You've probably already heard us here at La Spa raving about our seaweed bath treatments. The natural detoxifying and revitalising qualities of this traditional marine cure therapy have already been well documented on our blog. (Just in case you haven't already got the low down, check out our Seaweed Baths Intro Guide then get back to us)

As you can see we love our seaweed bath treatments at Dublin. And for good reason. Seaweed – wonderful, organic seaweed – relieves muscle pain, cleanses, tones and enriches the skin with protein, vitamin and mineral rich oils, removes toxins and restores the skin's firmness and suppleness. Not bad for slimy green stuff that's as old as the seas themselves!

But if you really want to make the most of your seaweed bath treatment we suggest adding one simple ingredient..sea salt.

Sea salt is the perfect exfoliant. It's simple, natural and highly effective.

The Hammam Sea Salt Scrub

La Spa's Hammam Sea Salt Scrub treatment combines a vigorous sea salt scrub with a traditional Turkish hammam massage.

Hammam Sea Salt Scrub Treatment

A hammam massage at La Spa Therapie, Malahide inspired by the traditional Turkish baths, involves a combination of cleansing and massaging. It's the perfect way to invigorate your skin while relaxing your muscles and getting into a totally relaxed zone before your seaweed bath.

You start by laying on a warm granite Turkish table where your massage therapist thoroughly scrubs your skin with the sea salt, exfoliating away all those dead skin cells. The sea salt scrub also helps to stimulate your blood circulation and lymph flow and remove toxins that block the pores of your skin.

The result? Your skin is toned and fresh, ready for a gentle full body massage to fully relax you. Then it's time for a dip in our warm relaxing seaweed bath where you can simply lie back and let the seaweed - with all its juicy nutrients and natural oils- do its work. When you're done you'll be skipping out of our spa feeling as fresh as the sea breeze!

Find out more about these hammam treatments here

By starting your spa therapy with a La Spa Hammam Sea Salt Scrub followed by a Seaweed Bath you're really giving your skin the full pampering treatment. We'd love to know what you think about hammam sea salt scrubs and seaweed baths. Have you tried them before? Leave your comments below.

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