All the Great Spiritual Masters Spoke Very Little

I find it very interesting that all the great spiritual masters spoke only when needed. Most of the time they were meditating, contemplating, and being ONE with Spirit.

Jesus spoke very little… in fact, Jesus did not write anything down. It was only his followers who wrote everything down and tried to understand what Jesus was talking about.

Buddha spent most of his time in silence. He spoke only when he was giving a talk to a group of people. And his followers wrote the 200+ books about Buddha.

The Great Masters only spoke when they needed to speak. Their actions spoke louder than words. And they knew that words are limited and are hard to used to make people comprehend something that is beyond comprehension.

For instance one day Buddha was with his followers and held up a flower and asked what was this? And lots of his followers answered with mental ideas. But when one of his followers “just smiled” Buddha nodded his head and said “Yes”.

It’s better to speak little and allow your actions to speak louder than words.

In today’s world, lots of people speaking one thing and their actions are another.

Be at Peace

Speak Little

Let Your Actions Be Thy Words

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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