On March 14th Daylight Savings Time begins. Shortly thereafter, in many parts of the country, Spring will begin to show its warm face. The daffodils will start popping up and the birds will get busy building nests for their next round of babies. Spring. That beautiful time of year when hope, like new growth, flowers anew.

As a 'clutter expert', I've spent many a Spring day helping folks clear their clutter. That clutter is typically more than just 'stuff'. More often than not there's a reason why people horde so much stuff, and it's probably no surprise that the emotional attachments are a very large part of "why" they have it in the first place. Again, probably not a big surprise to some, but I offer it anyway (just in case). Here's the thing about clutter:

For the most part, folks accumulate all that stuff because they're scared they'll need it one day and not have the means to replace it. It is a deep-seeded lack-mentality that keeps them from letting the stuff go. All those "what if...."s run rampant and that fear paralyzes them. They just can't find a way to trust that what they need will always be provided. They don't want to disappoint whomever may have given them the ugly teapot they never use. That dress in the closet may not fit today, but ONE day it will. On and on the excuses fly as they refuse to let the stuff go. It can be extremely challenging for some people, and this isn't exclusive to women either. Men are as reticent to let go that 20 year old drill as women are (with) their shoes. Even if he hasn't touched the thing in 19 years, and he's got 3 others that are newer and better powered, he won't let that old one go. It's a funny thing.

One of the best ways to address this challenge is to start slowly. It doesn't need to be done all at once. And the less you fret over that part, the easier it is to accomplish. One closet at a time. One drawer at a time. One room at a time. Little by little the emotional source(s) of needing to keep all that junk will rise up and demand your attention. They will surface like a cork you've tried to keep submerged. The moment you let go the cork, it pops to the surface. So it is with clutter and all the emotions attached to it.

This isn't rocket science here. It's pretty logical stuff that, with a little help, you can conquer in a pretty short time. The trick is to find the right help. Most folks who are Pack Rats are utterly incapable of doing this alone. It's just too much for them to see how that clutter is really just a monster-sized anchor, weighing them down in all aspects of their lives. Finding someone who can be firm AND compassionate while leading them through the process is essential to their success. But its not just about the stuff.

One of the most rewarding things about helping people clean out their clutter is the marvelous sense of accomplishment they get when we're done. They become visibly 'lighter'; it's a sort of liberation for them. Most of the time, once we're finished, I can see the permanence of their new-found freedom. And it IS freeing. To let go of all that stuff, all the while realizing why they kept it in the first place, is hugely empowering for them. They GET IT. They can see how much both the emotional and material clutter has imprisoned them. Once removed, they always vow "never again". Happily, for the majority, that vow sticks. It's a beautiful thing to behold. It's also the reason I continue to help when called upon. It makes me feel good to see someone else empowered. It also helps a lot of other people in the process. When we're finished there are boxes and boxes of useful items that someone else needs. The Goodwills and Amvets are always happy to come pick up the 'stuff' to help those who might otherwise have to do without. Just another bonus for clearing out the clutter.

There is a Native American philosophy that always helps when I am met with the most resistant clients. Simply stated, they believe that ALL things have a purpose. ALL things. Even things that may seem 'inorganic' (like plastics) are a gift from Mother Earth. If those things are not used, if those things are collecting dust on some shelf or hanging for years in a closet, then they are not being allowed their purpose. This, in turn, is a dishonoring of Mother's gift(s). So if you're not using it, give it to someone who will. A wonderful way to help 'let go'. It works like a charm (well, most of the time).

So then...I hope you will take the time to clean out your own clutter. Give things to those in need. Free yourself from that unbearable weight. Before you know it you'll be light enough to fly.

Author's Bio: 

Camille Strate is a blossoming Being who spends much of her time writing. She writes for various eZine sites, as well as her own Blog (see www.joyizzachoice.blogspot.com). Her most current published work is a little book entitled "Whispers-The Often Subtle Sometimes Rowdy Voice of Truth". Her next book is soon to be available on Amazon.com. Visit her blog for more information and a joyful respite from your day.