If you are thinking about starting a homebased business, think about the things that you love. If you love what you are doing, you will be more successful and happier with your success.

Remember that there are no stupid ideas. If your friends or loved ones are negative when you talk to them about your plan, make some new friends. Seriously, their negativity can rub off on you.

Negative thoughts attract other negative thoughts and even negative things. When people plod through life feeling miserable, they will continue to be miserable.

Researchers have shown that the mind can heal the body. Miracles are often attributed to the power of the mind. We don’t have a full understanding of how the whole thing works, but there are some things that we do know.

Thoughts and feelings create energy waves. If the thoughts or feelings are positive, positive energy is created. If they are negative, negative energy waves form. This can be demonstrated on an MRI, through the use of different colors.

In Eastern medicine, the healing power of the mind is referred to a Qi or life force energy. Although scientists have yet to prove the existence of Qi, studies confirm that it is useful for healing.

So, what does any of this have to do with running a homebased business? It should help to explain the power of the mind and of positive thinking. If it can be used to cure or treat a serious illness, it can certainly be used to keep businesses running smoothly.

Again, no one knows exactly why it works, but there are a number of theories. Major corporations are using these theories to improve employee attitudes, to bring in more customers and to encourage customers to spend more.

When you do decide on the type of homebased business that is right for you, remember to appreciate your customers. Studies have shown that they spend more when they are appreciated and they come back, again and again.

One of today’s popular work-at-home businesses is to build a website and sell advertising. You can learn a lot on the internet and you can teach people, too. You might be an expert at hand-crafts or needlepoint. You may be an expert “mom” or a computer programmer.

Sharing their knowledge is one of the habits of highly successful people, as it is a kind of giving back to their supporters. Use the internet to learn more about running a successful homebased business and remember to “think positive thoughts”.

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Aboubakar Pefoura
Team trainer
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