Why people do not succeed in betting, lottery, stock market

Betting, gambling, lottery, share market are all considered under Rahu in astrology. Speculations, lotteries, stock markets, commodity markets are all of Rahu's field of work. Therefore, first of all, we should understand that the mathematics of profit and loss in speculation, lottery, the stock market or commodity market does not just go according to the market. It's mostly related to the fate of a person. This is the reason that when the whole world is sinking during the recession, some people become millionaires even in that depressing environment.

The easiest way to earn money is the stock market but there is also a lot of risk ie danger. With the help of astrology and proper knowledge of the related field, people associated with the stock market can avoid this danger. Apart from this, the role and position of the planets in the horoscope also decides your success and failure in the stock market.

Rahu and favourable transits give tremendous success in betting, lottery, share market

According to astrology, people who have supportive Rahu & have the Mahadasha of Rahu, only get benefit from this business. Along with Rahu, if the position of 2nd+11th lord, Lagnesh, 4th lord, Panchamesh, Bhagyesh i.e. 9th lord present in the horoscope is also strong, then only a person can earn a lifetime from these businesses, whether that man doing betting, or purchasing lottery or investing in the stock market. Even he doesn't know ABCD of such things.

These planets also provide benefits in the stock market

If the Dasha-anterdasha of Lagnesh, Navamesha, Dashmesh, 11th lord or 4th lord and Panchamesh are going on, the position of the respective lord planets is strong, planets are exalted, transit is also favourable, Saturn's sadhe sati or Dhaya is not running, no cruel and sinful planets combination is present or the moon is strong, then people with such horoscope are able to earn huge money in speculative, lottery, stock market, gambling etc. very quickly.

Apart from this, if the eighth house is very strong in the birth chart of the native, then it is possible to earn a good profit in betting, lottery, long term shares etc. Not only this, whose eighth house is strong in the horoscope, then he also acquires property in the inherited property.

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