These planets-dasha/transit also give benefit to the stock market whos are trading

If the dasha of Lagna lord, Ninth lord, Dashmesh, 11th or 4th lord, and 5th lord is going on, the position of the respective lord planets is strong, planets are exalted, transit is favorable, Saturn's sadhe sati or Dhaya is not running, and If no yoga of sinful planets is present or the moon is powerful, then people with such horoscope can earn huge money in betting, lottery, stock market, gambling, etc. very quickly. Apart from this, if the eighth bhava is very powerful in the birth chart of the person, then it is apparent to earn good money in betting, lottery, shares, etc. Not only this, whose eighth bhava is powerful in the kundali, then he also amasses wealth in the inherited property.

"People whose fifth house owner is in the debilitated/enemy zodiac is in the 6/8/12 house is making bad yoga in the fifth bhava, and 11th lord is in the bad bhava or 11th lord is in a bad situation then one should not capitalize his wealth in the share market there is a big chance of loss. "

Apart from that running dashas, transits also decide the fate of the natives in luck related work like this.

Betting, gambling, lottery, share market are all considered under Rahu in astrology. Speculations, lotteries, stock markets, commodity markets are all these areas of Rahu. Therefore, first of all, we should understand that the mathematics of profit and loss in speculation, lottery, stock market, or commodity market does not just go according to the market. It's mostly associated with the luck of a native. This is the way when the whole nation is sinking during the recession, Some natives become millionaires even in that sad time.

These remedies can give benefit if horoscope e is supporting but planets are weak

Remedies to follow for good trading

- If you also want to try your luck in the stock market, Panna gemstone can help you with this. But Wear it only after consulting an experienced astrologer.

- Chant Rahu mantra in the morning and evening.

- On Wednesday and Friday, feed the fish by making flour tablets.

- Keep a bright blue napkin with you.

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