Transactions are a part of every business enterprise. Be it purchases or sales, invoices, receipts, lists, bills, reports, etc. need to be generated, printed, sent, and shared. The process can be overwhelming as the size of the enterprise and the volume of work increases. Physically keeping track of all the orders will become next to impossible and add extra strain on the employees. The chance of errors also increases causing delays and additional trouble to the enterprises.

Sap Sales Orders

To avoid it all and simplify the process, there are system solutions available in the market. Known as output management systems, these can be integrated into the existing ERP systems the enterprises already have to manage the administrative tasks.

The output management system can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP system solutions to provide the enterprises with additional, advanced features that make the complex jobs of document conversion and distribution easier. All it requires is the click of a button.

When it comes to handling the SAP Sales Orders, the output management system performs the task of supplementing the SAP documents with additional files from various locations of the system. The drawings, activity reports, manufacturer’s records, inspection records, standard texts, confirmation of delivery, etc. will be attached along with the customer’s correspondence.

The entire process can be handled in one workflow instead of diving it into various individual jobs. Moreover, the standard SAP procedures are not affected so the results remain unchanged for the end user. Not just that, the administrators and employees can inspect the files and documents before printing so that they can add or remove the documents from the batch.

Right Addendum Documents

In SAP Systems, the supplementary information is linked to the master data that stores all the information from various locations of the enterprise.
The output management system analyzes those links, adds additional filters to keep the company’s crucial documents safe and helps the employees find the right documents to attach with the SAP sales orders.

Different Distribution Methods

The output management system gives the enterprises an advantage of choosing and switching between different distribution methods anytime during the process.

Output over Printer

The documents can be printed in batches anywhere in the enterprise using the system solutions. The additional information will be added to the endpapers.

Distribution Portal

The documents can be distributed as a PDF/A attachments to the emails. The body of the emails is also pre-drafted and can be used as it is or edited according to the specifications.

3D images from CAD

If the enterprises want to attach along with some images from CAD to the other documents, the output management system will help sent 3D images from CAD or other non-printable information along with the printable data.

Different Filing Locations

SAP DVS, ArchiveLink, Object Services (GOS), and Folders Management are some of the ways in which SAP connects files with objects and processes.
The output management systems support all of these and can also be integrated with the third party system such as SharePoint, Filesystems, Teamcenter, OpenText, and many others.

Compliance Guaranteed

Every step of the process is traced, tracked, and made note of in metadata.

All the documents have timestamps on them which help in identifying when and where a particular document was processed or delivered.
The SAP document flow can be analyzed and the original invoice can be easily found by tracking the order-invoice-delivery chain.
Apart from the SAP sales orders, the output management system can be used for the following.


Order/ purchasing forms, order requests, BANF, etc.


Manufacturing and processing orders.

Project System

Project definition, parts lists, and networks.


Service report, commission, and functional reports.


Change master, document hierarchy, and document parts list.

Materials Management

Materials document, materials list, and inspection lot.

Structure Resolutions

Generic processing, change master, installation (IBASE).

The output management system solutions are comprehensive software that can handle any of the complex output requirements of an enterprise with the utmost efficiency for a cost-effective investment.

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