Vince chatted with Michelle Rossi who writes about young people trying to find themselves. She talks about the huge transition involved in changing from one school to the next.She develops the theme through developing the power to think positively rather than negatively.She sees the really critical ages are from 9 to 12 years of age.

We developed our discussion to address the serious nature of depression often caused by low self-esteem.One student in particular had difficulty in focusing and sometimes a teacher has to spot the necessary strategy to help the individual.

Students do have stress and this can induce bad behaviour. I asked Michelle whether she can identify the difference between naughtiness for its own sake and naughtiness hiding something deeper.

The influence of the television is undermining the teaching effort and the family environment and I wanted to see whether the same goes for Michelle's experience in Michigan.

We also discussed the behaviour of young people outside the home influence in Michigan trying to see whether Vince's own experiences in the UK are the same as those of Michelle in America.

It would appear there is great concurrence on two key words:Discipline and Respect. The podcast can be heard at

Author's Bio: 

Vince is a UK qualified teacher who brings his teaching experience to the broadcasting arena. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Degree in the philosophy in Education. Michelle Rossi, (White) is a graduate from Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. She has earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Michigan Teaching Certificate. She is an author of children's books, young teen novels and of a young teen non-fiction workbook (ALL ABOUT ME.) Michelle, is a published author in, Chicken Soup For The Kid's Soul 2.