Teeth whitening is the most requested treatment in the beauty business yet there stays a substantial amount of uncertainty with regards to the subject. Teeth whitening is a very profitable, and thus extremely aggressive, marketplace; which is in all probability the reason why we have this kind of a challenging time sorting through all the information, or mis-information, on the Internet.

This write-up is meant to offer an overview of teeth whitening, how it works, what to look for when comparing merchandise and services, and help you decide if teeth whitening is for you. Or rather, what form of teeth whitening suits you the greatest.

Variety of Gel: There are basically two varieties of bleaching gels used in the US. Hydrogen peroxide gel and carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient; i.e. hydrogen peroxide is what bleaches your teeth. Carbamide peroxide needs to break down into hydrogen peroxide before it can bleach your teeth. 36% carbamide peroxide is approximately equivalent to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Gel Concentration: The greater the concentration, the faster and more dramatic your results will be. However, only a dentist should perform whitening with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide as these gels can cause injury to the gums in your mouth and only a dentist is certified to safeguard your gums properly. Any gel can potentially damage your gums if used improperly so be sure your whitening professional is well qualified or that you very carefully stick to instructions if you are applying the gel yourself. Also, the more concentrated the gel, the more the likelihood of encountering tooth sensitivity.

Application Method: The procedure of applying the gel to the teeth can range from having to apply it yourself while you’re sitting in the chair to having trays that contain the gel custom fitted to your teeth. If you are having skilled chairside whitening, be sure to inquire who applies the gel and how they will apply it. Remember, only a dentist can put anything in your mouth or on your teeth.

Bleaching Light: There are three forms of lights; LED, plasma arc, and halogen. Of the three, halogen is documented by third party research to be the most powerful. However, outstanding results have been noted utilizing all three kinds of light. in all probability just as essential is how well the light reaches the areas of your teeth.

Time: laser treatments are typically offered in deals where you get one, two or three applications in the same appointment. Each treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes. So don’t just question how much time it’s going to take, ask how many applications you will be receiving during your appointment. If you are using a home whitening kit, the gel is in all probability carbamide peroxide gel. Carbamide peroxide gel has to break down into hydrogen peroxide to be able to bleach your teeth. It takes 15-20 just for it to start breaking down. That is why home-whitening takes more time.

Shades Whiter: Your teeth lightening professional will compare your teeth before and after with a teeth whitening guide. Hopefully he or she uses either the Spectrum or the R-20 teeth whitening guide because those two brands are arranged from darker to whiter. It really depends on your teeth, but you can assume up to 8 shades lighter for professional bleaching and 2-3 shades for home whitening.

Results: How long your benefits will last is somewhat reliant upon how properly you care for your teeth after the whitening treatment. Your results will last longer when you use a follow up home whitening method and refrain from things like smoking or drinking coffee, tea, and wine.

Cost: The price for teeth bleaching is all over the place! 1-hr laser bleaching can run from $50 to $300 or more, depending on whether a dentist does the treatment and how many applications you get. Kits might run from $29 all the way up to $189 or much more. Just be sure to compare oranges with oranges. And bear in mind, it is the hydrogen peroxide in the gel that bleaches away the unsightly stains on your teeth.

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