In my earlier years, I lived in fear of debt collectors. I hadn’t managed my money or credit well. Instead of recognizing it as an exchange between me and the card company based on trust and respect, I thought of it more as being able to buy whatever I wanted while paying a small amount.

Back then I didn’t want to open my mail feeling dread and despair nor did I want to answer the phone feeling irresponsible and ashamed. I knew the debt collector’s language would trigger my own sense of not keeping my agreement. Fear had taken up residency in my consciousness and was my partner. Sound familiar?

I know you’ve probably heard that fear is false evidence appearing real. Right? Well what I discovered over the years is that it’s NOT fear that appears real, it’s the story that you attach to the experience that makes it appear real.
You know the story about what might happen, how bad it is going to be, how you won’t be able to make it, etc. The story goes on and on. What needs to be identified is that it is YOUR mind that is terrorizing you way before the debt collectors.

So how come you keep listening to it? How come you are allowing it to say things to you that scare you out of your dreams, derails you off the road to your goals, and sabotages your divine contribution to the planet?
Habit right? Well, time to change the habit. This is your life to live and no one can live it for you. Either you can live it or let your fears run it.
Here’s something you probably know that most physicians do not experience disease? That’s correct, most physicians don’t because they are NOT in fear of disease. That just speaks to the power that we have to control our mind.

What are you NOT in fear about? Are you not in fear about death or the loss of a loved one, ill health, poverty, criticism, or old age? Actually those are said to be the prevalent fears that most people have.

Here are some SYMPTOMS of fear for your review.
• Indifference: status quo; accepting things as they are; lack of ambition.
• Indecision: Not taking a stand; letting other’s think for you.
• Doubt: Excuses, alibis to explain lack of action; spending too much time in past-perceived failure as evidence.
• Worry: Telling stories of the worst possible outcome; trying to figure out the “how”.
• Over caution: Looking from the half empty perspective; what won’t work, can’t work: waiting for the “right time” to do something. Remembering what didn’t work for someone else.
• Procrastination: Putting off today what should have been done last month; holding on to what doesn’t work while reaching for what will work.

Here are the SOLUTIONS for your immediate implementation:
• COURAGE: the determination to have what you say you want; do what you know puts you in your integrity and willing to be slightly to moderately uncomfortable to gain it.
• CONTROL YOUR MIND: recognize that the only thing that God has given you absolute control of is your mind – so deliberately decide what you will or will not think.
• FAITH: spiritualize your mind and thinking. Immunizes yourself with faith. See beyond what is to what you want it to be. Remember all that has showed up on your behalf. Write it down so you can always remember it and remind yourself.
• DESIRE: make your desire clear to your heart and soul and write them down. Desire that is clear and strong shifts you in the direction of prosperity, health, appreciation, grace, eternal life and wholeness.
• TELL A NEW STORY: since your mind is so creative use it to tell a more accurate, empowering and uplifting story about the outcome. Tell a story from the other side of the situation.

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A widely requested speaker and spiritual teacher, Jenenne Macklin is the author of two groundbreaking books (Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed and Let’s Get You Happy, First).

Jenenne became aware of the “voice within” at a young age and was encouraged to cultivate this awareness as guidance. This journey led her to explore a wide variety of studies: from Metaphysics to Eastern Mysticism to Reiki and Andean Shamanism, Ancient Wisdoms to Energetic Healing Techniques to Divine Openings.

Jenenne discovered she had a gift of inspiring, speaking to and resonating with the hearts of all who heard her when she delivered her ordination speech in 1990. Over the years she has used this gift to teach principles of Metaphysics, New Thought and Eastern Wisdom. Using principles embodied in forgiveness, meditation, spiritual abundance, moving from fear to faith and consciously creating, Jenenne has touched hundreds, perhaps thousands as workshop presenter, keynote speaker, in her Sunday morning messages, in the books and articles she writes, her coaching sessions and with the staff she has supervised.

As a conduit for divine energy Jenenne is passionate about empowering people with the tools and practices that she has integrated from her clinical and spiritual trainings to consciously create their lives. She teaches in digestible pieces that can be realistically integrated into daily practical living.
In her first book, “Faith the Size of A Mustard Seed: A Companion for Daily Living” Jenenne offers her no nonsense and practical spiritual teachings to readers guided to her wisdom and guidance. In her soon to be published, second book, Let’s Get You Happy, First” Jenenne offers four foundational blocks to get happy and sustain happiness: Self-worth, Wholeness, Deliberate Thoughts & Action and Appreciation. For more information about Jenenne’s life coaching services or to book Jenenne for your event, conference or workshop, visit her web site