Chapter Seventeen - “Do Not Fall Prey to Fear”

At that point the all the villagers were in a frenzy over the mysterious evil that had taken over the old woman’s house. They were fearful and started saying they were going burn down her house, salt the earth, and force the old woman out of the village. But then the profits spoke up to calm the agitated villagers.

The Lama said: This is just an isolated incident and there is no reason to do harm to anyone or anything. All is quiet now, all that was darkness is now cleansed away.

And the stranger said: This is exactly the behavior that darkness tries to illicit. Fear leads to more fear, and fear becomes anger, and anger becomes rage, and rage becomes violence. Do not fall prey to fear… for fear is the opening of the flood gate that allows darkness to thrive.

Remember: All the avatars of the past have said, “Fear Not for I am the Light and the Way”. And that the light is love… and that the avatars were filled with light and love and that everyone should emulate them. For they knew that fear allows all that is the opposite of love to take over, thus emotions run high and everything gets out of control.

All of you in this village could have the exact same thing happen to your home. This happened to the old woman because she is alone, she is old, and thus she is full of fearful, making her prime ground for planting the seeds of fear which change into anger. Right now everyone of you has the same fear going on inside your heart. If we are to overcome darkness… we must fill ourselves with love and light. There is no possible way to fight fire with fire, that’s like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. We must cool the fires of fears with the waters of love… thus all fear disappears and anger is dispersed.

If you do what you plan to do… more fear will be created in the village allowing darkness to take over… ad that is how wars are created. Fear grips a particular area and they retaliate in order to keep from being fearful. But instead of feeling less fearful they become more fearful thus creating anger… which creates hate. And all of this comes together to create chaos… which is the opposite of love. Fear cannot take root in a heart full of love, for love and fear cannot occupy the same space. Thus fill your heart with love and fear will never take root in your mind, body, and spirit… thus peace will reign supreme in your heart forever.

If we plant the seeds of fear the resulting fruit is sour and poisonous doing harm to everyone around us. But if we plant seeds of love the resulting fruit is sweet and full of grace which results in more peace in the world.

Fear is like adding poison to our water supply which kills animals, plants, insects, and even people who come in contact with this poison. But if we add the sweet fragrance of love to our water supply… that fragrance attracts beautiful bees that carry the sweet nectar to their hive. And thus the bees create the sweet taste of honey which they gladly share with insects, animals, and every human being.

What the old woman needs now is love, show the old woman you care. Show the old woman that you want her to be part of this village, and that she is part of the community. This loving action more than anything else will keep away the darkness… for love is the light which dispels all darkness.

Thus you have a choice, you can act on your fear and create more fear and thus create more darkness. Or you can dispel all darkness with acts of love. This is a choice, a choice that God, the Universe, and the One and Only will never take away… for we have free will to choose because we are made in the image of the Great One.

So remember whatever you choose will come full circle again… thus love will come around to bring more love to all of you. Or darkness will come around to bring more darkness to all of you. And that’s exactly what the great avatars of the past have said down through the ages… “We reap what we sow”.

And the elder of the village spoke up: Yes you are right, we are going to fill our hearts with love and embrace the old woman. We have been selfish allowing the old woman to fend for herself alone… that is not right. We must fill our hearts with love, and thus love will thrive in this village. We must take care of the old woman.

We are sorry that we allowed fear to fill our hearts…

please forgive us OH HOLY ONES.

And the profits looked upon all of them… and smiled and nodded their heads in approval and they knew they were forgiven.

To Be Continued…

Dr. Paul Haider

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