Believe it or not, there is a difference between being productive and just being busy. Let’s break it down by the definitions: Productive means producing or able to produce large amounts of goods or other commodities. Busy means having a great deal to do or keeping occupied. You might think at first glance, “doesn’t being productive mean keeping busy?” This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Being productive means achieving daily (micro) goals that set you up to ultimately achieve the long-term (macro) goals. This can directly affect business-driven goals within your organization because it ensures that you’re working on tasks that have a greater return on investment versus tasks that just keep you busy. In other words, work smarter not harder!

We’ve put together a list of how you can make sure you’re being productive instead of busy.

Productive is creating a strategic to-do list. Busy is compiling a to-do list to stay occupied throughout the day.

When you’re being productive, you are planning your to-do list either the day before or the morning of. Prioritize critical thinking tasks that may take more brainpower at the top and tasks with the least amount of work (that you can get away with working on the next day if you run out of time) towards the bottom. Filling up your to-do list should never be the goal. Take the less-is-more approach.

Productive is knowing when to pause. Busy is continuing on - and setting yourself up for burnout.

Times have changed since we were able to give our energy to multiple things at once for days at a time. Being productive means knowing when to take a break or stop working altogether. Entrepreneur burnout is real and if you don't take care of yourself, you can’t perform at your best. Make time to pause and recharge because we all know in between meetings, tasks, events, and socializing, our battery can drain faster than we think. 

You can also work on this by ditching goals or plans that don’t matter to you

anymore. If you have a happy hour with a colleague that you hardly talk to in the office after working a 10 hour day, reschedule it. If a team member came up with a better idea for a social media post that they plan to execute, let them do it and save a date at a later time to revamp yours. Focus your energy and resources solely on things that resonate with your purpose.
Each day, choose to reach your peak productivity levels by forgetting about looking and feeling busy and transform yourself into a goal-achieving, productivity machine. This will inevitably increase your profits, work environment mood, and so much more. In fact, sharing this blog with your fellow colleagues, team members, or even friends can be life-changing for the better.

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